In Today’s Anger Report: Ginuwine Is “Transphobic”?

ginuwine looks great for his age.
i wish timbaland still kept working with him.
justin timberlake must have been a better sell.
you know why i’m mad today?
this cold ass weather is trying to make me sick.
i’m in-between “how about a cold?” and “i’m good!”.
i feel like others just wake up to be angry to vent on social media.
well the trans community is allegedly in arms over ginuwine now.
he is on celebrity big brother 2018 and rejected a kiss from trans vixen,
that lovely word,
is being thrown out there.
this is the video…

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I Want Your Head For 60,000.

I read this shit and it BLEW my entire situation.
This is why I tell people to STOP bragging about what they have.
You do not know what is going through someone’s head…

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