I Want Your Head For 60,000.

I read this shit and it BLEW my entire situation.
This is why I tell people to STOP bragging about what they have.
You do not know what is going through someone’s head…

Bollywood actress kidnapped, beheaded by costars

A young Bollywood actress, Meenakshi Thapar, was allegedly kidnapped and later beheaded by two actors in an attempt to extort 1,500,000 Rupees.
Thapar, 26, appeared in the Indian horror film “404″ where she met two aspiring actors who reportedly killed her on the set of her new movie “Heroine,” The Telegraph reports.

“Amit Jaiswal, 36, and his lover Preeti Surin, allegedly decided to kidnap Ms. Thapar after listening to her boast about her family’s wealth and status in Dehra Dun, in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.”

The Telegraph states that the two actors invited her on a trip with them to Gorakhpur — a small town close to India’s border with Nepal — where they held her hostage and demanded 1,500,000 Rupees from Thapar’s parents.
Although her mother paid 60,000 Rupees, Thapar was killed shortly after.
She was strangled to death, beheaded, and her body was dumped at two different sites as her killers made their way back to Mumbai. Her torso was dumped in a water tank and her head thrown out of the bus window in a bag on the road to Mumbai,” The Telegraph writes.

Jaiswal and Surin were caught and reportedly confessed to the murder.

May she RIP!!!!!
That shit was heavy.

14 thoughts on “I Want Your Head For 60,000.

  1. money is NOT the root of all evil, it just gives evil ppl more options! plenty of ppl do wicked shit that has nothing to do with moneul. ppl wanting to do WHATEVER they want to do WHENEVER they want to do iy, without regard for justice and righteousness IS the “root” of all evil! sometimes that involves moneu. many-a-time it doesn’t

    1. Keyon said it right – LOVE (or pursuit above all else) of money is the root of all evil. Money by itself is a tool.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about everyone basically commenting that she should have kept her wealth to herself.
    Was it bad etiquette, yes. But that’s not the first thing we should be concerned with. We should be more concerned with the fact these two men took her out and killed her ass over chump change.

    1. That’s fine – i respect that opinion, and I agree (which I said) that she didn’t deserve to die or get kidnapped.

      Yet, we tell our kids about being aware of their surroundings & not being flashy or conspicuous when in a strange neighborhood; being in the hood driving a convertible Bentley & wearing a Rolex. Could you do it? Sure. Might it make you a target for some thieves? Most definitely. So had she used some wisdom & discretion in talking about her family’s wealth in a (majority) poor country, she might still be here…#justsayin

  3. the love of money is truely the root of all evil… its a shame that they would kill her over some money theyd probably blow in a month…

    1. Thank you. Michael Roberts said this at a seminar >>> Rich people scream, Wealthy people whisper. But it still does not give someone the right to kill just to get someone else’s possessions.

  4. She was so pretty. This is why people should not brag about what they have. You have to be careful, it’s some crazy people out there. They are willing to do anything and everything to get what they want.

  5. JESUS!! Does it get that serious!!! I know we all hate a bragard but to actually take a life I some seriously deep shit. We all hear of stars that use $20 dollar bills as toilet tissue and shower in champagne but we don’t kill them socially yes but not the actualy deed. This should be a warning to all of show biz film, music, and sports you are not that safe and there are people out there who will hurt/kill you for what you have

  6. Ok, Imma be the dissenter here. First of all, this is India. Land of the caste system, overpopulated, and for the vast majority – a poor place to live. Women may not be as oppressed as under Islamic rule, but it’s still a patriarchal society (so are we, but we claim we’re ‘westernized’). And you want to brag about how rich you are? Bytch, what?!

    That’s nothing but pride & hubris. No one deserves to be killed over basically being NeNe Leakes up in that bytch, but show some intelligence & modesty…you’ll live longer.

    That’s why you have mofos signing multi-million dollar pro contracts & going broke a year later – being show-offs.

  7. I feel so bad for her and her family. No one deserves that for speaking freely. We’ve created cultures that covet wealth and monetary things and made them difficult to acquire so people will literally do whatever it takes to get it.

  8. Omg. That is horrible…I don’t give a shit how much a person brags it irks the fuck out of me when people do dumb shit like so. If you only knew how hard I worked for my money, how much shit I put up with and to have someone try to steal or manipulate it from me? Bitch it’s not going down without a fight….bless her soul.

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