Bruno Mars Put The Fire In Finesse

i don’t like stan culture.
matter of fact,
i’m bored of it.
the “beyonce vs rihanna” wars make me sleepy.
bruno mars is becoming,
or has become,
one of the top entertainers in his current field.
this is facts.
the hive is allegedly angry,
but where are the lies?
i don’t listen to his music all like that,
but you cannot deny this wolf’s talent.
he dropped the video for the “finesse remix” with cardi b today.

i’m sooooooooo into it!
the vibe took me back to the 90s.
i loved that “in living color” shout out
the song feels so good and brought me to a place i hardly have with music.
remember remixes and how they were pushed for the original?
a remix use to be an event because it featured a big rapper/artist.
bruno seems to be doing that.
it’s like he is making the music our current r&b artists should be making.

can we talk about the camera quality real quick?
especially when bruno came on to do his thing.
how HD was that video????
it looked so crisp and gave a “live” feel.
that part blew me away.
i’m a sucker for artistic shit.

as far as cardi b,
she did good.
it’s good to see she can do something other than trap.
i was impressed with this verse.
she rode the beat well and her voice didn’t give me a headache.
i’m not sold on featuring her yet,
but that put the possibility on the table.
bruno brings it each time.
he definitely has a seat at the entertainers table.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Bruno Mars Put The Fire In Finesse”

  1. Bruno is so talented. I’m not fully sold into his music like that but I really do want to see him perform live one day. He looks like he puts on a good show.

    I feel like they’re really trying to force Cardi onto us at this point where it doesn’t seem organic.. I just see a manufactured reality TV star who was propped up by a desperate ass record label who are trying to convince the public that this woman is something special. All I see is that rap is clearly dead and people are now latching onto anyone who can capture their attention for a hot minute. Cardi is trendy, but when I see her I don’t see a musician/artist. It just feels so forced.

    However I bopped to her new single and that Reggaeton song with Ozuna. It’s cute. But I don’t see it for her, as for now at least.

    1. I seen Bruno performer and I can say he the man perform DOWN. He very talent I seen people compare him to Michael even Janet likes him.

      I agree with everything you said about Cardi.

  2. The video was cute. I never seen the Beyhive talk down on Bruno Mars. I seen black people call him culture vulture which I never understand because Bruno is Puerto Rican wouldn’t kind make him little black.

    1. It don’t take much for black folks to claim other people. Bruno Mars is not black. His father is a white Puerto Rican and his mother is Filipino. Additionally, whatever little black Bruno has in him is not African American but would be black Puerto Rican which is not the same thing.

      Black Americans need to take pride in themselves and their culture and stop letting other take and profit off of our culture. His whole career has been rooted in African American music. And now you have Cardi B. doing the same thing and they are making bank. Y’all won’t be happy until it’s like Rock music all over again. SMDH…

      1. Nothing wrong with rock music. Have you gave it a try? Lol
        You sound like my brother. Music is music. There’s no black or white music.
        I wish people would stop with that nonsense, even the companies. Yes, there are genres of music, primarily based on economic and racial lines (those buying the music and their racial background) but if a song has a good beat, great/powerful lyrics…who the fuck cares about the color of the artist? I sure as hell don’t.
        If I like a song, I like a song, regardless of the artist’s color/background.
        My iPod playlists would fuck your mind up then because I have all kinds of music on it, not just hip-hop and R&B, which is the only music blacks are supposed to listen to I’m told. Lol

      2. Christian: The point is, everyone else always profits and win accolades from black culture more than black people. Take that we are the world crap on somewhere.

      3. I’m going to tell y’all like I tell everybody if you want more black artist to win you have to support their stuff like buy their music or support their stuff because all I seen from us is we complain leaving white people to take over our stuff.

      4. jhaun…lmao @ we are the world. good one.
        did you ever think that they profit because blacks are as much a part of allowing/accepting it?
        MY POINT IS like I said…I don’t care about the color of the artist. I like the music, period.
        You can take that any way you want.

      5. Wow. The ignorance in this thread is absolutely sad and appalling! Some people need a SERIOUS history lesson. The music of most Latino countries or territories (e.g., Puerto Rico) was created by African slaves in the sugar cane fields. Look up “Bomba” music (aka “the dance for slaves”). Puerto Rican slaves who were brought to the island (and often had their foreheads branded by their owners) during the transatlantic slave trade used the bomba as a way to overcome the hardship of slavery and speak out against social injustices as did Hip-Hop, which was co-founded by Puerto Ricans in New York City-the Bronx to be exact. And, one of the founding members of Hip-Hop (The Last Poets) was Puerto Rican. So, when in the comments “Keivon Baldwin” says “I know how Latino people are I’m from Texas all my life I been around Mexican so I know how they act,” he sounds super ignorant and it’s apparent that he and many others on here have a very limited world view.

        The colonial forces have done a great job at keeping us all divided.

        One last thing:

        “The 369th Regiment known as the Harlem Hellfighters became famous during World War I not only for their courage on the battlefield, but for 369th Regimental Army Band. They were an all-Black band in the segregated army led by James Reese Europe, who many credit as helping to initiate the Harlem Renaissance. The band, which recruited up to a third of their members from Puerto Rico, introduced European audiences, particularly in France, to live jazz music and influenced the careers of notable musicians including Latin music’s greatest composer Rafael Hernandez as well as jazz greats Noble Sissle…


        Yeah, you fools with your ignorant comments about “Hispanics” need to go to the library some time and stop speaking based on your own ridiculous opinions and fake knowlegde.

    2. Keivon um, no. We as black people need to STOP claiming these “Others” who don’t care much for us or the culture apart from when it comes to monetizing off black culture. Cardi is another example, so are all these Hispanic racially ambiguous people who identify themselves as “others” because they see themselves as better than real black people. I wish we would just claim our own people for real.

      1. I don’t buy or support anything that not black. I just ask a question just say Yes or no it was nothing to start a up roar about. I know how Latino people are I’m from Texas all my life I been around Mexican so I know how they act.

  3. If you haven’t heard the 24K Magic album, man you’re missing out. Everything about this album has a 90s flair to it and is inspired by a lot of the artists that were popular back when. You should definitely give it a listen. He’s got Grammys on the way this year.

  4. Why is Cardi B so popular? Can someone that’s a fan of her tell me what is do inspirational about her music? I have listened to only one Bruno Mars song to my knowledge. 24k which is catchy & I heard it by chance. I thought the intro was the best part. I’ll even give him credit, because when I heard it, I was convinced for a moment it was an old school jam. I think he’s pretty talented.

    I was about to say something shady about Cardi but I had a thought and I can acknowledge that she is getting herself out there.

    The only woman of present that I think is interesting is Rhianna. Now I do t listen to her music but I like her cause. She’s Interesting. I simply am not a fan of Beyonce at all, but I can’t deny that she is a good entertainer.

    Of course though, y’all know I gotta mention the Queen Janet…Damn Baby!!

    Damn baby, baby
    I gotta hear me,
    Damn baby, baby

    Also where do some Blacks get that, if they got a drop of blood in them they black logic from?

    Good luck to Beyonce, Rhianna, Cardi and everyone else in pursuit of their dreams.

    1. Jammy I teach Black History and the One Drop Rule is as old as the hills and still recognized as fact, We did not get a Mixed Race classification until Snow Bunnies started having Black babies. I am sending Jamari a copy of our official Classifications here in The US. It is off topic in this discussion is why I am not sharing it here. He may chose to share in another post or you can email me and I will send you a copy. By the way there is a very telling scene in the Movie “Show Boat,” That slaps America in the face on the one drop rule..

  5. He´s cute, talented, and the video was fun and entertaining. There´s something about him that just works for me. He´s so effortless and naturally charismatic. He doesn´t have to try, it all comes natural to him, and his voice is crazy. He´s really good, and what I like about him is he´s consistent.

  6. Bruno Mars nor Cardi B arent even African American and yet they are making music that is Black American centralized and being exhaulted for it? Black people are so talented and dominate nearly everything they touch, but something is amiss here.

    The face of Black music ain’t even black…but I guess if they cute, look brown (enough) and got curly hair they can come to the cookout too? I’ll have too look more into Bruno but from what I’ve heard, he’s a ‘culture vulture’ and mostly does homages to “black culture”. He is obsessed with it. I’m not too sure on that yet since I don’t listen to his music to say he is a vulture. I generally “think” he is talented

    I’ve already said what I said about Cardi and proves that music today is based off of looks and popularity rather than bars and talent. The fact that some ambiguous bimbo can reach number one the charts rapping about absolutely bullshyt. I took a listen to Bodak Yellow….straight up trash. Where are the black female singers like Foxy Brown or Da Brat or a real no black rapper like Left Eye?

    What is the expectancy of a black American in music? How or why is it that a Filipino man is able to top the charts with a “homage” to black culture but a black person with the same style is barely scraping the charts. How in the heck are impressionist sneaking up the charts over the creators?

    Is it Racism or just blacks not supporting their own?

    I wonder what would happen if a Black American tried to capitalize off of a Filipino song and release it?

    Finesse is a catchy song and brought back some memories of real 90s music. I can say that it makes you want to dance, and if your big and wanting to she’d done pounds, this is the song to exercise to.

  7. Here’s my problem with all this negativity. People complain about the music of today, and will talk about how they prefer 90’s, 80’s, etc music. Then somebody comes along and continues to make that music, and people complain about them not being original and if they aren’t black, they’re a “culture vulture”. You forget that many people of all different races grew up on the same things as young black people, can be inspired by the same things and that artists will want to make art that reflects this.

    Now I know that many cultures do take from ours without paying respects and giving dues to those who inspired them or where they got the idea from. But not every single person that you complain about fits in there. So what you are saying is that this man cannot make the music that he wants to make because of his parents’ race? What you are saying is that this man cannot express his God-given talent because he is not black? If he was trying to claim that he was the originator of the sound or even call his sound unique then I would understand and be with you, but even when it literally states where his influence comes from you complain.

    That leads to people having a mentality that says “you can’t please everyone, so do you and f these haters”. Let’s flip this then. There are multiple media that black people didn’t start, but once we got in it we did our thing and revolutionized the industry. We weren’t culture vultures, then or now. Cause when the shoe is on the other foot we are the first to call people racist and say that they are threatened by the talent of our people. It has happened before (on this blog, no less) and will probably happen again.

    And yes there are black artists who make art similar if not exactly like this. But we have to support them if we want them to have a shot at making it big. And supporting them doesn’t mean trying to drag Bruno Mars. It is upsetting to see an influx of non-blacks getting rich and famous and successful off things that our people started, or popularized or made cool. Especially when there are blacks who can’t get a chance for the same thing. But that doesn’t mean that those others are wrong for their attempt at their dreams. It means that the executives who decide who they give the contracts/ studio time/ parts in whatever production are passing up blacks and we need to call them out on it.

  8. i have a question for the foxhole…

    are other races this inclusive with their music?
    when beyonce did that country performance with the dixie chicks,
    they damn near tore her to pieces.
    what about k pop?

    some were so excited a lily snow bunny was twerking,
    only to get dismissed once she got bad reviews.
    according to her,
    it was a “bad time in her life”.

    i’m all for others doing our music,
    especially if it sounds good,
    but let’s not act like we get excited when we are acknowledged by other races.
    funny enough,
    they don’t do the same when we want to play.

  9. No they are not.

    It’s the simple fact that two non Black people are benefiting immensely off Black culture, African American culture in specific and are being given a pass because they are “ambiguous looking “.

    Ms. Beyonce. I heard the Country community dragged her for doing a Country song, by saying she doesn’t belong in their type of music and rejected the song Daddy Lessons.

    Was she given room for growth in the Country genre? *Crickets* And she is very talented.

    I bet if a dark skinned woman tried to be the face of Country the community would break out into seizures and start foaming at the mouth.

    Yet, you have Bruno and Cardi, the ambiguous duo giving another “homage” to Black Culture and being praised for it but Blacks that do the same thing are looked at like last week’s mail. I’m not even blaming Bruno but more of the music industry…They only want Black Americans to sing about certain things. They want to regulate them to a general type of music but then get everyone comfortable enough with “ambiguous folk” so that they can slide a white person in it until it becomes the norm.

    They do the same thing with movies too.

    It’s funny that a dark skinned woman (Lil Kim) was Poppin on the Black Hip Hop scene… then she was replaced by Nikki Minaj (a lighter woman) that had nearly the same style and now you have Cardi Ambiguous B, who sounds strangely like her and makes the same damn facial expressions but can’t rap and is now number #1. There are probably a plethora of black female artist that can dance and sing circles around Cardi who are still struggling on the underground scene. Blacks are the lab rats. They study them to get a better understanding of the style and then try to phase them out.

    They are putting WHO they want at the top of the charts and bleeding out the black image.

    The music is catchy because it is like Greater Value Crispy Rice vs Kellogs Rice Krispies. It tastes the same but its not the same. Hmm, it’s not bad but it’s missing something…oh yeah, “soul”. What defines Black music is the soul we put in it. Our struggles are in our music…these imitators just want too look “cool”. Not buying it.

    All folks do is emulate black culture and profit from it. Folks don’t like the BLACK race, but they love what blacks can produce and try to replicate it… and many more find success from it except the folks that created it.

    These defenders keep on falling into the hype. They gone tune in to the BET music awards one day, hosted by Justin Timberlake with star performances by Adele, Taylor Swift and Barbara Stresiend and wonder what happened.

    Lets see how things gon’ be looking at them black award shows with people that ain’t black (but can pass for it) winning awards in Black centralized categories, while true blacks are sitting around looking like “Who did it and why”?

    It may be personal for some blacks because in the past, during the early era of racism, music got a lot of blacks through hard times and presented a new form of talent for a race of people considered lesser than they actually were, and like clockwork, some whites took that very same style and profited from it and had much more success, but since times have changed and racism no longer exists…oh wait, nevermind…and I see they still stealing too…

  10. Honestly I feel like Black *AMERICAN* music feels so “inclusive” these days because it has become so mainstream to the point where it’s now classed as worldwide American culture.

    Unfortunately. It’s a double edged sword.. It’s like yay Black Americans have somewhat become the the face of American music/pop culture, however with all that imperialism means that it influences EVERYONE.. So it doesn’t feel like it’s solely “Black” music anymore because everybody listens to & internalizes it. African music is mainly preserved by African artists, Caribbeans do the same with their music, so do Asians, hispanic etc. It’s American IMPERIALISM y’all.. I feel like that has exposed “black” (hip hop/R&B) to the whole world to the point where the main music they see on their top 40, the club, the gym, mall etc. is “BLACK” music.

  11. Yes I buy and stream music from artist I like, so take that “y’all don’t even support” bs elsewhere. But if you wanna let these freeloaders eat for free, but all means do you. Black people are the only ones that give their culture away for free.

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