When You Forget To Say “No Homo” Touching A Straight Wolf

no homo.
“i ain’t gay but…”
all the things the straight wolves say as disclaimers for their sexualities.
since i’m gay,
and i know plenty of straight wolves,
i’m caught saying those phrases to make sure they’re not offended.

it’s okay.
you don’t have to say that with me” – they say.

…that is “until”.
well i saw a video today where a snow wolf had a heavy temper tantrum.
chairman of the pa. house state government committee,
rep. daryl metcalfe,
had an outburst because democratic chairman,
matt bradford,
touched him.
this is what happened…


i’ll be honest with you:

I don’t particularly like touching wolves that i don’t know/suspect get down.

maybe this is why i’m not getting dicked down.
i’m not as adventurous as others.
when i’m around someone i’m high key attracted to,
if he didn’t give me that “opening”,
then i stay in my lane.
an outburst is a form of rejection,
which can be a fear for most gays.
how do you even comeback to that?
what shade can you throw?
it makes shit awkward and then they won’t even want to be around you.
they ( x tell everyone a story ) to gaslight you.
insecurity can be the worst!
you never know with males these days,
and some folks are crazier than cat shit,
so i sit my ass down and keep my paws to myself.

Is that wrong?

as far as the above video is concerned,
daryl may have felt some kind of way.
his approach was off like shit,
and he was a total dick about it.
but we’re taught to speak up when we feel uncomfortable.
you can tell matt was embarrassed tho.
this is a tweet that followed the video:

maybe he couldn’t contain his erection then?

on the flip of the coin,
ya’ll don’t know how HARD we be making some of these “straight” wolves.

lowkey: hell,
i don’t like when randoms touching me until i give them the green light.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When You Forget To Say “No Homo” Touching A Straight Wolf”

  1. “total dick about it”

    How was he a total dick about this situation when apparently the man has touched him more than one time. Since he said “stop touching me all the time,” people have to learn to respect people spaces and this is where some of the me too and the changes in company policies have come about with people hugging and touching other individuals. I remember when a tranny grab my ass when I was in line at the club and when I turned around, he smiled and thought it was cute, well my friends and I beat the breaks off him and hopefully he learned a valuable lesson about putting hands on people. I will say, maybe you were thinking he could have informed him the first time the situation happened or waited to pull him to the side to address the situation instead of performing an outburst in the room, but still you have to keep in mind that we don’t know if the other representative has been harassed or had someone touch him inappropriately growing up or in another setting.

    1. I remember one time some friends and I were walking around in Manhattan, this was back in the 90s, and we passed this group of fem-acting guys. As we passed them, one of them made a comment about me and one of the other guys being long overdue for tapping. We looked at each other, turned around and we were like yo don’t disrespect us like that because you don’t know us like that. Their eyes got big as hell, I guess because they thought we wouldn’t say anything to them. One of them, the smallest one actually, was still talking shyt saying you don’t need to apologize to them, etc.

      I said to him I would be wrong to put my foot in your ass so I’ll pretend I don’t see or hear your little runt ass…and you know what a runt is, right? You guys are lucky that the only thing we’re doing is TALKING to you right now, because if it were some other guys…they’d probably be handing ya asses a serious ass-kicking. The little one still kept talking shyt to us. I’m not apologizing, etc. We left them alone and went about our business.

      Some people are just crazy and like to live dangerously.

      1. Lol…

        Your story made me remember when I was in the mall going to get a haircut and some gays started whistling and talking about “damn he fine.” I looked and responded, “lets be respectable to each other.”

    2. He was a “total dick” because he could have simply said “im uncomfortable with the touching, please stop” and kept it moving, all of that “im not homosexual like you” was uncalled for, and it suggest he thought the man was touching him in a sexual way in the first place, when in fact those “arm taps” are traditionally body language we use when we’re trying to get someone to really listen and relate to what it is we’re talking about, not trying to make a pass, but ofcourse in this man’s small-view-mind “a gay man is touching me so he must want me”

    3. The term ‘tranny’ is derogatory but I am happy you have revealed your bigotry because it explains why you agreed with the petty homophobe acting irrationally. A transgender person grabbing your ass is not the same as someone lightly touching you when talking. MANY people AND animals touch each other non-sexually when communicating. So for that man to react the way he did suggests something way deeper: it is well known that GOP members enjoy their closet space.

  2. That entire YouTube video will be hilarious and embarrassing if he’s caught getting head in his office by another dude just like that other white homophobic dude 👀

    These snow animals always say one thing but do another. That’s just their M.O as history has shown us 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. @ Christian, a hit dog will holla every time! All that was unnecessary, why tell the whole world you’re heterosexual, not comfortable in his skin. Them married ones the main ones that fuck around!

  4. I don’t like to be touched but some ppl don’t know better. He could have whispered it or anything. Having an outburst like that is unprofessional and uncalled for. And if you say him touching him is unprofessional as well then I say to you since when does two wrongs make a right. I always tell ppl come with a polite approach and if your not understood, defied, or etc. then you go off! You will always be in the right if you have a warning and was not heard. And I wish I would say no homo after touching someone. I don’t want touching touch but unfortunately on this cramped bus my fat tail has no choice.

  5. He seems to be a shitty person, but keeping your hands to yourself is a basic principle we teach to kids.

    Even when trying to get someone to understand what you’re saying touching them is highly inappropriate no matter what the intentions are.

    I genuinely don’t even like people sitting too close to me, so touching me without my consent is grounds for a beatdown.

    Hate to say it, but gay men are notorious for not respecting boundaries as far as touching you casually even when having a conversation. Women do it too, but I find they catch themselves and apologize.

  6. First of all Matthew Bradford is not gay, he as a wife, so can we stop with the “some gay bla bla bla” shit, because it’s not the case of a gay man who doesn’t understand that the straight guy is uncomfortable with him touching him.

    And he was indeed a dick about it. Who never touched someone else when they where talking? I know i did, explaining a point i can be like “look this is what i’m saying” and i’ll touch your shoulder or maybe your arm for like too second (i don’t even know why, probably to make you focus on me and what ‘im saying). The guy touched him for 2 second or less, it’s really not a big deal.

    Let’s say he really don’t like to be touched, i get it, he could have just said “please stop touching me it makes me uncomfortable” and that’s it. but no he decided to go crazy “I don’t like men as you might so stop touching me all the time. Keep your hands to yourself. If you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it.” Really? Even people on his side were like “facepalm, him again” it was so embarrassing

    That little homophobic shit is trying too hard to prove he’s not gay.

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