When You’re Forced To Ride Bomb Cyclone

so you know how i said my job was good?

i mean they still good and all,
but they fucked up a little today.
i gotta drag em for the nonsense.
so as you know,
there is a major snow storm hitting new yawk.
bomb cyclone,
as they’re calling it.
they cancelled schools EARLY yesterday.
i mean,
there was no snow on the ground and the memo was still sent.
i expected my office to shut down shop today too.
nah homie.
i got that text:

“the office is open.
everyone has to come in.”

say what?
all my folks are home today,
or working from home,
and you mean to tell me my job is making us come in?


that commute this morning…
i nearly blew the fuck away.
snow all in my mouth,
i couldn’t see shit,
and it was cold AF.
i was getting more vex.
i get on the train and everyone is looking angry.
i feel ya’ll.
me too.
as soon as i get in work…

it was a dead zone.
the same hr who told us to come in,
is the same hr that almost all of them was home.
all of the big vps were not in.
the mayor gonna drop it’s a state of emergency at like 10 or so.
they finally released us at 1.


where is the fuckin’ logic?
next time outside looks shifty,
i’m staying my ass in the crib.
fuck that.
thank God my commute home was a breeze.
as soon as i walked in the station,
my train had just pulled up.
if tomorrow is crazy,
they may not see me.
these companies need to get it together.

lowkey: these are the best winter boots…

( x ugg butte )
they last and keep your feet insanely warm.

don’t @ me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “When You’re Forced To Ride Bomb Cyclone”

  1. Facts. This post is riddled with facts. I went in just to push around papers and get an email telling us to leave at 1. Lol. It was understood today that no one is coming to work tomorrow. It’s going to be 9 degrees. No bueno.

  2. I hasn’t 20 degrees in 3 weeks. Most days were under 10. One day it was even -7. But guess what, these trains were still packed and people kept working. Where i live we do what we got to do.

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