I’d Take That D

drake-gqdrake is what you would call:
a hubby.
he has separated himself from the wannabes and the bad boys.
he knows his lane and doesn’t try to be anything else.
plus he always seems to come off so freakin’ charming.
i was rather impressed with his articulate interview with gq for july.
i got some quotes from the article…

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The Mental Tie That Un-Bynes

i remember amanda bynes looking like this:

Amanda-Bynes-Hot…so who is this?

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“I Want You To Murder My Vagina”… The New Hook Up Line?

wouldn’t that hurt?
would his dick be wanted after?
would it be a messy crime scene?
well her words:


not mine.
that is amanda bynes.
she use to be the top teen comedian on nickelodeon.
i think she started out with nick cannon.
she had numerous hit movies and even a tv show.
i thought she would end up on snl the way she was going.
well she tweeted this last night…

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