now i done seen ass,
but this vixen


i know hittin’ that from the back is:


lowkey: what is her pant’s size???

and i know you want to know where that gif up above is from.
don’t cha?
well look no further:

x masquerade men marcus

x marcus in action

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “VIXEN CANDY: (17)”

  1. Is that cement in that thing? I bet when she walks into Lane Bryant associates are like “hell naw ain’t nobody got time for that!” LMAO

  2. Fat asses are overrated sometimes though, especially when you want to be taken seriously like in the workplace. Some of these men and women have no choice but to wear baggy clothes, lose weight, or become strippers. Lol

    I hit my squats but I just want my shit to sit a little bit higher. No excess hips or booty meat.

    You cannot be lacking on dick length when hitting somebody from the back with a real fat ass. You’ll be thinking you doing something and you ain’t even penetrated yet. LMAO

    1. LMAO!!! Right you think u deep in it but barley touching the surface.

      As far a squats go jay I switch out between traditional squats and the leg press machine. The traditional squats helps form while the leg press has more weight. Either way it builds your quads and gluts

      1. I do 210 on the leg press machine but I may need to up the weight because its too easy. I hate any kind of squats but I love ass too much to have mine looking sloppy. lol

      2. 210 that’s coo I’m doing 450 leg press and 315 on squats. I tried leg press and went straight to leg curls. I kept seeing people out the corner of my eye lol

  3. Judy looks photoshopped.

    Like how can she clean all that ass? That’s a lot of ass for those T-Rex arms. Her thighs are thick too.

    How many kilos can she smuggle across the border? Border patrol would give up with all that ass. Good gracious.

    Too many logistical questions on that ass.

    Now about Marcus. Smh.

    Bi dudes are sexy as hell. That was a hot ass video.

    I want a Black or multiracial but Black identified bisexual dude for Christmas.

    1. ^LMFAO!!!!!!!
      like JAY said,
      all these dudes want an ass like that on a female (or male) and don’t have the dicks to handle it.
      they need to just look and admire from afar.
      like at the zoo.

      that video of marcus tho.
      that shit turned me on so bad.
      i must have jacked off about 5 times.
      bi dudes are looking like the new wave this season.

      1. No sir! I learned the hard way I can’t do nothing with an dump truck ass.

        If your whole hand disappears in your ass when you have to wipe/clean it we are NOT a match!

        Just give me something that jiggles a lil bit.

    2. I agree what can you do besides look at it. Just like a dude with 13 inches something that looks good but definatlly not going anywhere around me. S/N I want a biracial for Christmas too

      1. Well I’m not saying your my bitch but I obviously squat way more than you lol

        As far as the cakes you would have to see for yourself ;-}

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