He’s Just Not That Into U.

Picture this.

You meet a fine ass dude online.
He is trying to get to know you.
He hit U up.
You send him your pictures or unlock yours….
…. and you are waiting.
and then it hits you like a frying pan across the noggin


It’s okay.
I know it hurts…

You dream of fine men hitting you up,
taking you out on a date,
falling deep in love,
and being together until you both wear adult diapers.
(bad visual lol)

meet up,
get some no strings dick,
and add them to your harem of men.

you aren’t going to be attractive to everyone.
Everyone has a preference.
YOU have a preference.
You have rejected as much as you have been rejected.
It would be worse if you met up and got to really know him
and then suddenly after you invested your heart, ass/dick, and time,
he stopped calling and completely coming around.


I have been rejected before.
A couple times.
By dudes that I was like “DAMN BABY WHY?”.
It hurt.
I’m not perfect.
I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what was wrong with me.
Asked people if I was ugly or something was hideously wrong with me.
But nothing was wrong with me.
I’m fly as shit in my eyes and plenty of others.
It was ol dude who didn’t want me for whatever reason.
Fuck him – NEXT!
He missed out on my:

good looks, company, personality, deadly deepthroat, and my velvet walls.

(you can use your imagination with the picture above)

I wasn’t his type.
I wasn’t thug enough.
My booty wasn’t big enough.
I was too attractive to him.
I wasn’t too attractive to him.
He thought I was a fem.
…. whatever.
It had nothing to do with me.

It was HIS decision to let me go or not respond to my message.

Brush your shoulders off and K.I.M.
There are other men who WILL want you.

This may sound corny
but he just MAY NOT have been the dude for you.
God could have been saving you from something.

He could of had the package.
He could of had an STD.
He could have been extremely corny.
He could have been using fake pictures.
He could have been a queen in disguise.
He could have been not as attractive in person.
He could of have a small dick.
He could be a loser.
He could have been insecure and would have treated you like a red headed step child.
He could had a big ol elephant dick … that wouldn’t fit.
He could have fucked you right and left you in the dust.
He could have become your stalker.
He could have been a gay killer and you were his first victim

In this lifestyle,
these negros are so sketchy.
You gotta be thankful he did reject you.

“Just because the package looked good doesn’t mean the contents were the same.

So again,
it has nothing to do with you so
move on to the next.

True story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into U.”

  1. I think you are inside my head.
    Did the A4A thing and decide to finally put up a pic to be rejected the same way you wrote about. Probably my pic was real and his wasn”t so he pannicked.

    I was so blown away that I closed down the account- the nerve. 🙂

    Your list of reasons to be grateful are bang on.

    1. LOL I just like to keep it real.
      No use in lying.

      I am tired of the whole website dating thing.
      I would rather meet in person.

      I know what tha hell i am getting. lol

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