I am a music head and a old school junkie
and by far,
these 3 albums makes me feel “in love”….

Anita is playing.
We are making love tonight.
I sit in Daddy’s lap,
facing him,
he is facing me,
and we just gaze at each other.
Soft look in our eyes.
Anita playing in the background.
We are making love tonight.
He kisses me softly.
I suck on his bottom lip.
Eyes still open.
Our eyes roar with fiery passion.
We aren’t just fucking tonight.
Candles are lit.
There is an ambiance.
Not a “fucking” ambiance.
Anita is playing.
We are making love tonight…
Rain is patting gently on the window.
Lighting is illuminating the room.
I feel him inside me.
I feel his hardness cushioning inside my velvet walls.
We just sit there.
He sucks on my neck.
Holding the back of his head,
I moan.
He is making traces with his tongue on all my spots.
I moan even louder.
He asks me if I love him.
I do.
I have never felt like this before.
He has been inside me plenty of times
but this time
it feels different.
I feel him this time.
I do not want this moment to end.
I want to just sit in this position and simply admire him.
He makes me feel like how a bottom should with his man.
Anita is playing.
We are making love tonight.

-Jamari Fox.
Jun 20, 2009 @ 23:16

…this is how I feel listening to these albums.

One if my favorite tracks that talks to my spirit:


Do you hear me baby
I’ve wasted too much time
Livin’ for what wasn’t mine
Then came the day I found you
And now I want nothing less
I’ve found a love that’s truly blessed
I wanna make dreams come true

Every day is getting better
The more I trust I feel stronger, stronger
Every kiss brings me closer
It feels good to let you inside.