I have come to the realization that I am a nymph.

…and if you are Gay/Bi/Tri/DL/Discreet/Out/Top/Bottom/Vers/Tranny/Curious,
so are you…

Gay men are used for sex.
It is no secret.

We are used for our good deep throat or tight assholes.
We are used when your wife/girlfriend isn’t cutting it anymore.
We are the side ho or the sex toy.
We are fucked out of commission,
skeeted on somewhere on/in our body parts,
and dismissed for another nymph that comes walking by.

Or if we were that good,
be THAT nymph for more than a couple nights.

There are masculine nymphs.
Feminine Nymphs.
Lipstick Nymphs.
Even thuggish Nymphs.
Nymphs who only TOP.
Or ones who strictly BOTTOM.
Ones who have muscles and got that swag…
and others who wear wigs, heels, and rainbow colors.

Doesn’t matter because everything with gay men is usually based off of sex in the end.

A lot of the times,
sex with us can be a thrill or even a forbidden fantasy.
Men have been outed fucking around the wrong nymphs.
Some have been upgraded and kept around for years.

A lot of these homophobic men preach to the heavens they are anti gay
but when I come into the situation,
they are looking at me like a smothered pork chop.

Check these 3 scenarios and see which ones apply to you Mr. Nymph…

I walk out of my building.
Always looking my best and wearing my best.
I walk by a bunch of supposedly straight hood boys
and I can bet one, two, or even the whole crew
is looking and just staring.
Waiting for the one day they can get to me alone to get my info.

I meet my straight friends one day for dinner/party/whatever.
The females bring their straight guy friends/boyfriends around.
One of em is staring all up in my situation.
Eyes softening and lips licking.
You know what it is…

I use to work at this financial office.
About 500+ employees.
There was one boss who use to ALWAYS stare at me when I walked by.
He would be talking to his work buddies
all while his eyes were on me.
Followed me to the bathroom but never said a thing.
He finally found a way to get my attention and befriend me…
…but I knew CLEARLY what he wanted.

As gay men,
we have learned to use our sexuality to our advantage at our early (or even late) age.
When we walk out the door or get online,
our sex appeal is LOCKED ON.
Even if we are not trying half the time.
Our nymphish signals are like a sweet smelling cologne.
Luring obvious or down lo men to come to us and get a piece.

It seems like the only thing we are good for is good sex.
Sex first, personality second, and then personable sex third.
I, for one, is not hating on it because this is the life I live.
But sometimes,
I want to actually get to know him and not his penis.
I want to see what this dude is really about.
We could actually find out we have a lot more in common.
End up being together and shutting the game down.

that is easier said than accomplished.

I lure him in with my sexuality and he becomes wrapped up in my spell.
He is so focused on “beatin’ my boi pussy up” that is doesn’t really focus on the real me.

Another day in the life of a gay male.

It is what it is right?

3 thoughts on “Nymph.

  1. It’s why they are so often such great friends I suppose. Safety in numbers … birds of “almost” the same feather …etc!

  2. Hey Fantasia!

    I definitely feel women and submissive gay men are the lowest on the totem pole. My blog is for gay men so I speak on gay life … but I have been around females to know they go through the same issues.

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