I Got Some Good Azz Foxtail (U Can Too!)

“Boy we fucking …
Boy we fucking …..”

This is for my bottoms.
Read and jack off.

How do you know your pussy is good?
I mean,
how do you really know?

Is it because a nigga(s) said so?
I am a slim dude.
Slim but got curves.
Don’t sleep.
I am not meaty like all my friends.
I am the smallest one.
It use to make me feel insecure because my ass wasn’t as fat.
I couldn’t make my booty talk/clap/or cook dinner.

I would hear them talk about how their head game was the bomb.
Or I would listen as they told me that some random nigga said their pussy was good.
I would curl up in the fetal position because I thought,
in order to have good boi pussy,
you needed a larger than life ass.
Um wrong.
You DO NOT need a fat ass to make a top’s toes curl.

that all changed the day
I was messing with this model dude and when he stuck his dick in me,
he came after one good thrust.
He wasn’t even in me for a good minute.
When I pulled his dick out,
the condom was FILLED with cum.

“Um, is that cum?” I asked, looking down at him and “it”.
“Yeah, your shit is so fucking tight.” He said, clearly embarrassed.

That is all I needed to hear,
I messed with dudes and they would stick their dicks in me
and wouldn’t even fuck me out of commission.
I always got “Damn you got that tight good“.

That is why I penned my insides as “The Velvet Room”.
+ you know what they say,
“Slim dudes can make a dick go REAL deep”.

Ain’t nothing more defeating to a top
He sticks his dick in you and your walls are made of jello.


That is why after I get some dick,
I take some time to heal and tighten up a little.
Alot of these bottoms tryna fuck all day and every day like they got a pussy.
You don’t idiot.
I could go without dick for a good week or two after being penetrated.
So I’ll suck the skin off his dick until I feel my ass is ready to serve again.
Thas me though.

Another thing alot of TOPS loved about my boi pussy
is that is was C L E A N.
Again: C L E A N.
I do not let a nigga get it in without me cleaning the system out.

Lets be real,
it is an ass.
We shit out of it.
So when he sticks his pipe inside and he pulls out some chocolate paint,
that is alot of nasty.

Last but not least,
I know how to work my ass muscles when he is inside.
So he is just not fucking a dead fish.
+ I do not pull out my tricks with a “one fuck” kinda situation.
The more we fuck,
the more of a freak you will see that I am.
He is getting my warm tite cheeks with a massage on the side.
Bottoms: do something other than lay there PLEASE.
Do it for me.

You’ll know if your shit is good
if he keeps coming back around after one hit of that Kush.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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