The Look Of A Gay Serial Killer

Have U Fucked Him?

He is a pretty good looking man too.
Tattoos and the whole 9.
Someone I would consider.
Just goes to show that meeting random men offline can be a risk.

(Read the comments in link provided below page on Rod 2.0)

According to Rod 2.0:

” Fermaintt appears to be the featured player in the 57 minute video. (The tattoos check with his previous cyber video efforts.) Highlights include smoking what is apparently crystal meth near the beginning. He is later joined by three other men, one of whom (black tank top) appears to be a former in-demand porn star with Enrique Cruz. Fermaintt can be seen giving a b/j at approximately 40:00.

Jorge in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn also emails and says Fermaintt is a “hustler” and has “sold amateur webcam scenes”. Fermaintt is being held without bail and charged with second-degree murder. There have been a number of recent and high-profile homicides related to Internet hookups, such as the the March slaying of ABC News radio personality George Weber.”

Scary huh?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “The Look Of A Gay Serial Killer”

    1. .. and thats why you have to be extra careful. Rashawn Brazzell (I hope that was correct) still sits in my mind.

      1. But in anything in life, you take the risk but still be prepared in event of danger.

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