Sexual Intoxication.


Beautiful, right?
I figured it would get your attention.

Hot off the heels of “Nymph“,
I decided to write a follow up to the other side.
The stupid side of sex.
One we ALL get caught up in.
This goes for anyone and any sexuality.

As I said in Nymph,
gay men can be extra sexual and that is never a bad thing.

There are only 2 bad things:

1) Fucking random men bareback ( instantly label you a dumbass if you do that )
2) Fucking dudes instantly and falling like a silly bitch in love.

Now I am an advocate in if you are feeling him and you want to fuck,
go right ahead.
Cut to the fucking chase.
Nowhere in my statement do I condone fucking a man in hopes of gaining a life long partner…
… after one, two, three, and even 12 nights.
No one’s pussy, boi pussy, or dick is that damn powerful.
And if so,
I’d definitely be scared.
Good sex can make you become a fiend over night.

I call it being Sexually Intoxicated.

Being under the sexual influence is simple.
You meet a dude and all you do is talk about sex.
There is no other conversation other than “can that big ass dick fit?
or “can you swallow this semen?“.
No sign of what they like to do or their personality.
He is talking to you like a straight up ho and you love every minute of it.
You get so sprung off the cock talk,
that overtime,
you (and only you) start to develop feelings.
Like a good high/drink,
the feelings CAN cum instantly.

You meet up, fuck, and then you are cuddling while staying the weekend.

You are thinking,
“I got him! I fucked him real good!”

Slap yourself.
You just got fucked.

He is really thinking,
“Damn that ass was right. I wonder if he will let me beat it again?”

People forget that after busting a fat nut,
your defenses are down and you are calm.
He is hugging on you and kissing on you because you made him bust a good nut.
It is a de-stresser like a drug/glass of alcohol.
Realistically: A temporary fix to a permanent problem.
It was like getting a personal massage … but for his dick.

(Why do you think men are more open to giving you something
after a good toe curling fuck/or giving him some official head?

That is the BEST time to ask for money or get a bill paid.
Providing you keep up with the service.)

So this is where the problem starts.

After that,
you cannot figure out why he isn’t returning your calls/texts.
You are walking back and forth questioning your boi pussy man trapping skills.
Like a junkie,

You want another hit of the good penis injections.

When he does call,
usually after booty call hour,
he only wants to fuck.
Quite naturally,
you are ready, set, FUCK ME.
After being fucked so good a couple of times,
you get addicted to the dick.

You know nothing about this person accept his penis is the bomb and you love to suck it.

When he finally finds someone else (because nothing based on just sex lasts forever truthfully),
you are left like a fiend in rehab.
All because of some potent penis.

I would hate to see you become a victim like countless others.

I have been there and it is not fun.
I notice the problem wasn’t that we instantly started out talking about sex.
It was the ATTACHING MY FEELINGS part that was no good.

I have mastered the art of talking sex and totally detaching myself.
I know,
that chances are we will fuck and leave it up to fate.
I use to equate sex to getting with a man and it would totally blow up in my face (literally).

My theory has always been that the submissive ones the dominant fall for,
are the ones who take/suck the dick and keep it moving.
After a good smash,
get the hell up and get the hell out.
Not investing so much “me time” in a fling.
Know a “fling” from a potential boyfriend (and that can be confusing).

Not on some ho shit but,
on some “I have a life other than you and this was just sex” shit.
Not be so available and playing the right positions.

Still a little rusty but I am learning.

I was very clingy and I can admit that.
I notice I was getting the same result.
High and then having to come crashing down.
Switched up the flow and now I am doing good.
I can be sexual and turn a dude on and never talk to him again.
Fuck him good and then do not return his calls/texts when he is in heat.
I fuck on my terms; not his.

My name is Jamari and I use to be under the sexual infleunce.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Sexual Intoxication.”

  1. Just found your posting again. This one made me laugh out loud! Took me way back to my next to last lover who’s ass had me hooked, nose wide open! I would have eaten 10 miles of his SH##T just to see where the scent came from!! Truly hooked for about 5 years. I have a rule as long as I am number one I don’t look for cheating as lone as I get my respect. But one night he got out of my bed and went to someone else’s bed and came back to me with out a shower. I put him in the shower and after I made love to him like never before with out a word and was on a plane the next morning. That was over 10 years ago and he is still calling!! I was crazy for that ass but I refuse to be disrespected and had to let it go , I wanted him to know what he had given up!! Love this post!

  2. Luv this post. It is so true. Gettin dickmatized is no fun and the recovery is slow and hard (pardon the pun, LOL). It all boils down to perception and reality, at one time or another even the best of us get caught up. Admitting it is the first step.

    I Love your blog!

    1. Thank you!

      I would like it if me and dude were hooked on each other. That would be better than it being 1 sided

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