Round 2

… He literally pulled me into his penthouse apartment, grabbing all up on this ass.

“Damn baby.” He said, whispering and licking on my earlobe.

Mr. Exclusive was beyond horny and so was I. We could not get back to his spot faster. Nice little penthouse in downtown Brooklyn.

“How bad you want it baby?” I asked, unbuckling his belt and diving my hands inside his jeans.

“I want that shit real bad boo.”

I was jerking his fat dick while tongue kissing the hell out of him. He was literally my fantasy man. I been wanted to mess with a football player and my wish and dreams came true.

God is good and he is fine.

I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth for a second time. I started sucking the hell out of it again. I was doing all kind of tricks with my tongue, sucking on his balls, and squeezing on his muscular ass. He was in pure heaven. He was moaning and shaking. I was dangerous with my mouth.

“Baby I want that pussy right now!” He said, looking down at me and pulling his shirt and wife beater off.

This nigga had BODY! WHAT! I mean you could see the definition in his pecs and each line in his abs. He had the “V” line on his thighs. I was delirious.

“Well come get this pussy then.” I said, standing up.

Since I am a slim dude, he picked me up with ease and put me on his shoulders. He carried me over to the couch and laid me down on my back.

“I just want to look at you.” He said, standing up and rubbing on his dick.

I smiled at his dick. It was beautiful. I saw alot of dicks in my young age but this one was perfect.

“Turn over.” He said, sitting on his glass end table.

I slid my jeans and boxers off and proceeded to get on all fours. I arched my back a little so he could see the nice bubble.

“Finger that ass for Daddy.”

I obeyed. I sucked on my index finger and then rubbed it on my hole. He was rubbing his dick slowly and looking at me in a trance. There was some resistance but I got the finger inside. I moaned. I laid my head on the couch and went a little faster.

Face down; ass up style.

“Put two fingers in that ass.” He said, standing up and walking around so he could be in view of my ass and the show my fingers were performing.

I did as I was told. I loosened up alot so I slid another finger in and started to create a nice entrance for his dick. He was starting to jerk his dick alot faster.

“Damn. Yeah, finger that shit baby.”

I started turning my own self on. I could just imagine him deep inside me. Shit, I wanted him inside NOW.

“Daddy I want it please.” I begged.

He gave me a hard slap on my ass.

“I’m about to bust baby.” He said, lifting his head back.

Excuse me? He is about to what? Wait a damn minute. I had no words but he sure did bust a nut. That shit shot right on the floor. I was MAD. You mean this fine nigga brought me up from this club, to his penthouse, and he had his own party?

Oh hell naw my dude!

“Pull that shirt off and spread those cheeks.” He said, pulling a condom out his back pocket.

“I thought you were done?” I asked, almost sighing in relief.

“Oh hell naw. I’m about to fuck you real good. I just needed to get that first nut.” He said, smiling at me and sliding the condom on.

I was about to get it. I knew it. I spread my cheeks and he got behind me. I was already open so he slid his dick in me slowly. He pulled it out and spanked it on my ass. He slid it in between my cheeks and started to slide it inside again. He held me down by the middle of my back and started moving in and out slowly. He started taking control of his hips and pulled me back and forth on his dick.

“Mmmm Daddy….”

He was in control of this situation. He had this nice slow rhythm with his strokes. He was letting his dick stretch the walls of his boi pussy. Yes, I said his. He was grinding his dick in me trying to go real deep. All I could do was grab onto the ends of the couch and take the dick.

He said nothing. All I could hear was his hard breathing and a few slight moans. He was in full concentration mode of fucking me smooth.

That is when it started …

He started thrusting himself in me with these hard rhythmic strokes. I mean it made a beat on my ass cheeks.


It forced me to sit up on my hands.

“Take that shirt off .” He demanded, slapping me on my ass.

I un-unbuttoned my dress shirt. Hell I could not concentrate cause strokes were so fucking hard that I was in straight ecstasy. I threw it on the floor and was about to take off my wife beater but he stopped me.

“Naw.” He said, grunting and stroking, “Leave that on.”

He gripped the wife beater in his hands, pulling me back, and then he started fucking the shit out of me. He was pounding the hell out of me. I couldnt even moan. I was clenching my jaws so tight.


Slapping me on my ass and pounding me out with this nice steady stroke. I never been fucked like this before. He stopped, let go of the wife beater, and I fell onto the couch.

“Oh my God…” That was all I could say.

He slapped me on my butt cheek and pulled me onto the floor. I laid on my stomach and he entered while laying on me. He spread my legs with his and rested his large hands on my upper back. This muthafucka was just straight long stroking the pussy.

Again, he said nothing. Just straight fucking me. I didnt even know my name at this point.

Just called me “Fucked” because that is what I was.

He pulled me up by the wife beater and had me in the doggy style position. He held onto my hips and just started jack rabbit fucking me. I couldnt take it anymore that I ran off the dick and fell to the floor.

Daddy…” I moaned softly.

“You running my dude?” He asked, laying ontop of me.

Naw baby…

I was actually. Don’t tell him.

That shit was feeling too damn good. He was hitting spots in my boi puss that I didnt even know existed. I felt chills and could feel my heart racing. I was not use to this kind of fucking. This nigga had me not able to form a sentence. The dick was G O O D.

“Come here then nigga…” He said, pulling me up by the sweat drenched wife beater.

He laid me on my back and proceeded to fuck me missionary. He started out grinding deep in the pussy. I mean, I could feel his dick straight massaging my walls. He did this thing where he was grinding and thrusting. Almost like he was dancing in my shit. He pushed my legs back and started stroking it right. I looked down and I could see the dick plunging in and out of my ass.

“God…” I moaned, gripping my nails into his arm.

I do not know if that caused a reaction but here he went fucking the shit out of me. Sweat was falling on me. His body was glistening like he was on the field doing drills. He was drilling the touchdown out of my ass. That is what the fuck he was doing. I wanted to fight him, this shit was so good.

“Awww shit I’m coming.” He said, closing his eyes and pushing my legs all the way back to my head. I didnt even know I was this flexibe.

He did one last hard thrust and I felt his thigh muscles tighten. He came.

“Damn.” He said, laying next to me on the floor.

I couldnt even talk. I was truly speechless.

“Wooooo damn!” He yelled out, ” That was some good booty baby.”

I wanted to crawl up in the fetal position. I have never been fucked like that before. I could see myself getting sprung on that dick. I had to be careful.

We laid there and he wrapped me in those big arms. I fell asleep on his chest. He knew what he was doing.

Mr. Exclusive owned this pussy.

Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

July 02, 2009 @ 11:31 pm.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Round 2”

  1. Wow… That was good. You really do know how to capture the raunchiness, rawness, and reality of sex. I felt like I was you! Well, almost… you know what I mean… lol. Loved the story and keep them coming. You should write a novel. Anyways, keep it up my brotha.

  2. Thank you A. I always like to bring the real in my work. People are too use to “watered down” and even “walking on egg shells”. I like the dick and the dick likes me – and we are going to talk about it.

  3. I usally don’t fancy reading sex stories but that had my eyes glued to the pc screen. I literally forgot where I was at the end. Talk about getting into a story. WHEW!

  4. DAYUM, I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of you, and I’m mad. I mean, you make bottoming seem so… so… PERFECT. Makes me wanna know my “versatility” out of the window, and just live for one. You could be my bestfriend, cause I’m this raunchy too! LOVES IT!

    1. LOL Good “bottoming” is an art and once you master that art,
      these negros will not get enough.
      Thank you for checking me out.
      I got alot more in store!

  5. Hey Jamari,
    I have enjoyed reading your site. Your adventures are crazy good. I have to echo one of the comments above, I really appericate how you make the sex sences more real, something I’m trying to learn how to do with my own writing. Looking forward 2 more, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Ryan! I appreciate the feedback. I’ll check out your blog and add you to my blog roll. Writing this blog has been so therapeutic for me. I encourage everyone to have something in which they release!

  6. I totally agree, I had to change my blog address and title due to circumstances with my family and others. However I think that in the long run it’s for the best. I echo your sientments, blogging has been very therapeutic for me as well, I have actually uncovered alot of things concerning myself that have surprised even me! I’m on a much needed sabbatical at the moment, but I will be updating my blog and blog roll soon. I’v been listening to “Cuddle Up” by Pretty Ricky lately,relaxing, reading and gathering inspiration. Sounds Like That guy you worte about in “Forbidden Fruit” got hooked!
    Take Care

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