I Met A Basketball Rookie Today… and He Was Kinda Smashable.

I was not intending to go really.
I do not do “signings”.
I’m not a groupie so standing in a line waiting for a Baller Wolf is not my idea of a good time.
Also, here is couple other reasons…

I don’t do lines.
I do not do heat in a line.
I do not do kids in a line.

All 3 things violated me today something heavy!
My friend wanted to go because he is the new rookie drafted to the Knicks.
As a Knicks fan, he wanted an autograph.
I wanted a seat.
But when I walked up to him, I was taken by surprise.
He was kinda smashable…

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Round 2

… He literally pulled me into his penthouse apartment, grabbing all up on this ass.

“Damn baby.” He said, whispering and licking on my earlobe.

Mr. Exclusive was beyond horny and so was I. We could not get back to his spot faster. Nice little penthouse in downtown Brooklyn.

“How bad you want it baby?” I asked, unbuckling his belt and diving my hands inside his jeans.

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Part 2: Sooo I came all on the floor…

Part 2 of our convo after the jump.
He is speaking that top knowledge though.
He had me type horny though.
I had my hands in certain places talkin to him…

Sorry. had a moment.


So yeah I definitely took alot of notes.

(sorry it is so spaced out)

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