I Met A Basketball Rookie Today… and He Was Kinda Smashable.

I was not intending to go really.
I do not do “signings”.
I’m not a groupie so standing in a line waiting for a Baller Wolf is not my idea of a good time.
Also, here is couple other reasons…

I don’t do lines.
I do not do heat in a line.
I do not do kids in a line.

All 3 things violated me today something heavy!
My friend wanted to go because he is the new rookie drafted to the Knicks.
As a Knicks fan, he wanted an autograph.
I wanted a seat.
But when I walked up to him, I was taken by surprise.
He was kinda smashable…

When I got there, the line was wrapped around Champs.
I was already upset because the line was filled with children.
I mean, kiddies ya’ll.
All excited to have this man sign an autograph.
Luckily, my friend was already in line and had a good spot.
I do not know how long he was waiting and I really did not care.
As long as we got this done, I had no other care.
Funny enough, it was real groupie lite.
I saw one chick who looked groupie-ish, but she also looked 15.

Now, you know I hardly do NBA players
…but he was kind of sexy.
I have a thing for noses and he had a big ol clunker on his grill.
He was simply dressed as he sat at this table.
Knicks fitted and a T-Shirt.
Not any of the designer shit as his Instagram usually has.

You were pretty nice.
You also have a nice smile.
Maybe we can work together or something in the future.
Even though I’m sure we will run into each other behind the scenes anyway.

We should talk…


10 thoughts on “I Met A Basketball Rookie Today… and He Was Kinda Smashable.

  1. I don’t get it. He looks basic to me, not that there’s anything wrong with that though.

    Now Shakira’s sexy ass can get it. I bet that pussy will put a dude in a coma. Lol

      1. That’s the way to be! Everyone does not photograph well. People tell me pictures don’t do me justice that’s why I don’t ever take any. I’m way too self aware. Lol

  2. Yea I thought that he was cute, I would most def. sleep with him. 🙂 He looks so down to earth and fun. I’ve been watching his playing skills as of late, he has transformed into a really good basketball player.

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