“It” Didn’t Happen In One Day

when you look at your life,
are you satisfied?
do you say to yourself,
“could i be doing more?”
do you look at others and wonder why they are so ahead?
what is it that they are doing that you aren’t?
i often wonder what happens to us?
those who feel stuck,
or completely UN-satisfied.
what will it take for you to be completely happy?
and, are you really working towards that happiness?
have you ever wondered…

Am I where I need to be?

Everything All Adds Up To The B Word.

i found myself sitting in my room saturday.
i needed some time away from the monstrous shit that had become my last few days.
from bills to bastards, i was already up to my neck in bullshit.
then, friday in my entry box, all hell broke.
it continued into the am to a pointless battle.

so in my solitude, i had my iTunes on genius shuffle.
i always find it funny how my computer could mix the exact music to fit my mood.
i was feeling a little sad, kinda depressed, a tad optimistic, but a lot of blah.
human nature by madonna came on.
bedtime stories.
the words of the song stuck out with me.
i had to stop what i was doing and just be….

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He Has A Body That Needs To Be Fucked

What do these Wolves have in common?
Well, besides being FINE AS SHIT.

They all have a “Body That Need To Be Fucked”.
and as a Fox or Vixen, you can do it!

Check out how…

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