“You Have The Perfect Ass That I May Just Cuff That.”

No one is perfect.

Do not let these folks on Twitter or Facebook fool you.
Ever so often, some people apply a special make up to enhance their looks called F`otuShop.
They even go as far as to have Picture Plastic Surgery,
to which never understood because you DO have to meet that person.

But you may be looking for this perfect person and he may have that perfect image but:

He may have nice eyes but never fully see you for who you are.
He may be have good looks and brains, but no morals.
He may have the perfect words but would never listen to you.

Some are more bold with their shit,
while others wait until you get hooked and then they spring some bullshit on you.
But in this life, is there such a thing as meeting the perfect person?
If he ain’t online and we have to encounter the perfect “straight” counterparts before we find him:

Um, so where the hell is he?

Foxes I have a question for you…

Have you seriously thought about the Wolf you want in your life?
I know I put pictures up of Wolves who you want to touch you on the inside,
but have you seriously thought about further than that?

After you wake up from the best sex in your life, what’s next?
Do you send him out the door or does he deserve to stick around?
And does he only deserve to stick around because he fucked you stupid?
Can you separate a Wolf you keep than a Wolf you creep?

And my Wolves out there…

How many Foxes do you have to fuck until you settle down with one?
How many of his texts/calls do you have to ignore before you answer a potential “one” back?
Why is that you have to be treated like dirt in order to take us seriously?
And why do we have to move on from your bullshit in order for you to see us clearly?

I think we ALL need to think about the things that we want FOR REAL.
But since I do this for my Foxes,  Foxes should not be settling for less.
I’m just saying that YOU can do better.

A Fox should consider five things out his Wolf:


Wolves want us to be perfect so we should EXPECT them to meet our standards also.
But let’s say you could create your perfect Wolf, what would he look and act like?
I always say that what you put out into the universe comes back to you.
So, why not ask and receive WHAT you really want.

It got me thinking about what we should want out of a mate.
Everyone is so quick to think with their asses and dicks,
that we never think about what happens after the sex.
Will we like this person?
Can we tolerate his bullshit?
Or, will he be another 3 week relationship until one of us cheats and moves on to another meaningless “something”?

We are all looking for that perfect one…

But do we really know what is perfect for us?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on ““You Have The Perfect Ass That I May Just Cuff That.””

  1. Nobody is pefrect, some people just have a lot of good qualites and they might come off as perfect, but they do lack in certain areas that will eventually surface. It’s best to have someone that is close to perfect as you can get.

  2. I can tell you what I think would be the right fit for me but that doesn’t make it true.

    I don’t see perfect people in healthy monogamous relationships. They’re not even close to perfect. At least one party, if not both, have issues but they focus on what’s important and work through them.

    Most of the time reality is very different from the fantasy, but different does not equal inferior.

      1. Very few people are universally unattractive no matter what improvements they make to their appearance. Attraction is relative. All the guys you post on here fall more less on the attractive side, but in real I life I feel a lot of people fall into a grey area between attractive and the opposite. You have to factor in if a change in haircut or style of dress would change your perception of them or if you just caught them on the wrong day. That’s why there has to be some extra attraction present besides physical that draws you to that person

  3. Honestly all I really want is someone who loves me and we want to see eachother happy.. Granted a big dick, good job, and handsome face and body would up the ante, but that’s superficial..I need someone to hold me down, make me smile, love Jesus and my mama, and his mama!! And that’s willing to deal with everything that I come with..and that’s a lot!! So if that come in a chubby redbone package, with an average size dick, that ejaculates prematurely, I’ll tame it, cuz I rather be mentally satisfied!! We can work on the things of which don’t matter!

        1. ^unfortunately,
          it can be that way instead of the obvious.

          Foxes can be very sex driven.
          Wolves can actually be very passive or passive aggressive.

          The tables have turned in this new age of Fox on Wolf dating.

  4. I think that this is definitely a good question to ask especially going into the New Year. In my opinion I have noticed that in additional to a couple other things we lack in the lifestyle knowing what is “perfect or good” for you is misconceived and is based off either sex, or other tangible or in-tangible things that do not matter. Jamari you have a point with this entry that many foxes and wolves do not know what is really good or perfect for them because many dont really know themselves completely and that’s why so many “interactions” or alleged relationships fail.

    Answering the question in reference to my life, I believe strongly that I do. I know exactly what it is that I want and when asked what I’m looking for my answer is: Positive intellectual and spontaneous communication where disclosure and affection between us is balanced without the conformity of acceptance pretense. Usually when I respond with that, it sets the tone for all further communication and reveals the characteristics of the individuals with the response. My goal is to filter out all the ones who aren’t serious and focus on those who are

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