“You Have The Perfect Ass That I May Just Cuff That.”

No one is perfect.

Do not let these folks on Twitter or Facebook fool you.
Ever so often, some people apply a special make up to enhance their looks called F`otuShop.
They even go as far as to have Picture Plastic Surgery,
to which never understood because you DO have to meet that person.

But you may be looking for this perfect person and he may have that perfect image but:

He may have nice eyes but never fully see you for who you are.
He may be have good looks and brains, but no morals.
He may have the perfect words but would never listen to you.

Some are more bold with their shit,
while others wait until you get hooked and then they spring some bullshit on you.
But in this life, is there such a thing as meeting the perfect person?
If he ain’t online and we have to encounter the perfect “straight” counterparts before we find him:

Um, so where the hell is he?

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