A Present From U, To Me.

Let me tell you a story.

There once was a Fox in the Concrete Jungle…

We won’t start it off like that.
But I wanted to share something with everyone that I hope will inspire you.
But remember, there are good people out in the world.
You just have to let go of the theory they aren’t, because that will hold you back….

I have been writing on my site for almost 4 years.
It has been a joy and I appreciate the views, comments, and sometimes criticisms.
It is all good and I ALWAYS appreciate it.

But, I was asking myself these last few weeks: “who is really reading me?”
I mean, is anyone taking me serious?
Am I really touching anyone with these words or am I just writing?
You know, that moment of self-doubt and insecurity.

This holiday season for some reason has been a hard one.
I have been kinda depressed and I felt alone.
Everyone was either with family or with “boos”.
I was rocking out alone.

One of my readers bought me a present something I always dreamed of.
Remember when I said: ask and you shall receive?
I was asked what I wanted for Christmas in an email and I was tad skeptical,
but something inside told me it was okay to accept the gift.
Well, I did and I cried like a red headed step child when I opened the box.
I cried everytime I looked at the box.
I cried when I touched the box.
I cried at the thought of the box LOLOL
(you get the point)

I felt so blessed.

I NEVER had anyone purchase anything like that for me before.
I have always worked hard and blessed myself that it felt good to have someone bless me.
This has been the best Christmas I have had in a long time.
Even if I spend it alone, someone out there appreciates me.

So just know, you are appreciated.
Even if you do not feel like it, someone is out there paying attention to you.
They may not tell you but you are loved.
Just keep doing you and you will receive your blessings.
Stop looking at the people who you want to appreciate you.
Chances are, they never will.

To my Secret Santa out there who made my Christmas…

Thank you so much.
You are very special and just know that your blessings will continue to rain down on you.

Stay positive all my Foxes, Wolves, Vixens and Hybrids out there.

… and thank you for checking me out, commenting, or a faithful subscriber.
Know that from the bottom of my heart, you mean a lot to me.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “A Present From U, To Me.”

  1. Good things come to those who wait, but I feel bad for the people who feel like they aren’t loved and appriciated and are spending christmas alone. Everybody is special to someone.

  2. Jamari do u really know what your site means to people??? It’s a way different dudes/ foxes can get together and talk and console one another. From the big city foxes to the lil country foxes we appreciate this site so much. You just don’t know how sometimes I’m down and I read the entries and my day is back in track. You give a chance to let people know that we are not alone and others are going through the same exact things and don’t know what to do. To me this site is a gift Its almost been 2 years I’ve been commenting in hear and I’ve enjoyed every post, pic, and comment I’ve commented on. Just remember if you feel alone, sad, hell just wana spill some hot tea you got omg hear willing and waiting. Merry Christmas jamari for bringing us all together. S/N i still think we should do the cruise?????

  3. I think that you are a remarkable person.
    You and I are complete opposite but I sure do enjoy everything you have to say. AND..
    I look forward to this blog everyday. So know when your feeling blue that you at least put a smile on my face!
    Merry christmas to you and the best wishes for a wonderful 2012

  4. God as blessed all of us, because if he had not thought of you, then we would not have your site to share our life with people all around the world. Who might feel alone, as we all have felt unhappy or not loved, by family, or the world. I now know why the word says to not be of this world, because this world(people) will hurt you and let you down, we must give GOD all your cares and respect because he and he alone knows the truth, and will always have our back.I end this year thankful that I can share my last 14months with all of you, because I feel that all the pain I have allowed to enter my world,GOD made a way for my exit(door closes and window opens) smile,I have let go of friends who really were and are enemy’s yes GOD has revealed them, I let a man who watched me often become a crush that I am still letting GOD work out my mind, because when I allowed my fears to take over I knew I would not make the first move ,or if I am really honest I will not make a move ,I am scared to allow people in my inner world again because I was hurt so bad by friend/enemy’s, who just stole my trust, and I am finding my way back to my true self, and I feel if he really wanted to know me he would say something not just stare, I am moving on to a better 2012 and blessed new me and life because I am allowing GOD to have his way with my life because, he has all the answers, and I am always asking,we are blessed because we are still here,no matter what we are going through WE ARE STILL HERE, Love And Blessing’s ,and a very GOD pleased and blessed 2012

  5. This entry as most was right on time. I needed to hear that part about waiting for someone to appreciate you because they never will. That was like a ton of bricks fell on my head because I am in that situation right now. This Christmas has been depressing as most are to me, tired of being alone and missing family members who are no longer around but I cant go back to the dark places I have been at in the past, because I have worked too hard to be a stronger better person this year. I am optimistic that its only going to get better in 2012. Looking forward for more food for the soul and the therapy that is the Jamari Fox Blog.

  6. Thank you for this post. I’ve been in my feelings this holiday season and this brought me joy.

    May you continue to be blessed into the new year sir.

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