December 24th


On the day before Christmas,
I finally up and see,
A bastard that was unworthy.

2 months of talking,
Eleven days of wondering,
Ten digits dialing,
Nine days of only texting,
Eight dates a ditching,
Seven “Wassup” saying,
Six wasting of my timing,
Five boring convos,
Four eye rollin’,
Three regrets saying,
Two my friend’s friend he dated AND….


Aight Foxes,
this is the fairy tale of a nigga named A.
You know A from blogs past (ones you should have read),
and what a boring ass nigga he was.

Here is how the SHIT went down….

I was sitting around with a friend and I mentioned  I was speaking to a new dude.

Silly, silly, SILLY me.

that friend, in turn, lets me know that he knew A.
A: dated his friend couple months back and was now in “The X Files”.

My friend,
however it happened,
had A‘s number in his phone and decided to text him.


I thought it would be in my best interest to be put on so I agreed for it all to happen.
If they are cool like that,
he would let A know I wasn’t some dumb bottom and put in a good word.

Did I not remember how bad bottoms move in silence?
I slipped up.
I admit it.

Well over the next few days,
I noticed they were doing more texting than I was with A.
I got half a message, while my friend getting whole convos…. or so it seemed.

Friend tells me that A thinks I am cool but he is still not over his X.


I made it an effort to fall back off A.
BUT, I have a few questions that will probably be left unanswered.

Starting off: What the fuck tho!?
Why are YOU not talking to me like you were even interested?
Why are YOU not telling me particular things so we can get to know each other?
Why are YOU as exciting as watching paint dry?
Why are YOU giving your all to my fucking friend?
Why the last few days, you hit me up on some ole “I’m horny” shit, yet you tryna make it seem like you were not on that sexual shit?

C’mon now.
Do not fucking play me like no sucka.
Do not insult my intelligence.
That insults me.

I was told, I would like him because he was aggressive.
He even said he was…………via font tho.
I never heard what he sounded like.
He needed to step his “I’m REALLY feeling Jamari Fox game” up!
You know he told me to call, yet never answered?
The fuck?
You know I was tryna meet up, but he made no plan of action.
Another, the fuck?

Aggressive + Lazy = Not The Man For Me

A hasn’t hit me up since, but I am sure my friend has been speaking to him.
I didn’t ask to be in a three some.
I am a private dude so knowing who I date is a no/no,
but texting and conversing with them is a OH HELL NAW NIGGA in my story book.
This ain’t fucking 3’s company.

A had his own issues that had me ready to be off him,
but I was sticking thru because I wanted to prove a point to myself.
The final straw happened when the friend got involved.
Or, when I opened my mouth and didn’t stick with my attitude of “Reveal little; they know what I want them to know“.

Foxes, if you never learn anything from reading my blog……
NEVER let your friends know your man or female.
However you rock.
NEVER agree to your friend calling/texting your nigga/chick.

Things within your relationship with a S/O needs to be between YOU and THEM.
Friends get involved and shit gets sticky.
People start talking and then another mouth is either in ya therapy session or on his dick/her pussy.
Trust THAT.

Love my friend dearly but, the nigga is nosy
and as much as he keeps his man (men) private…
Well, when it doesn’t involve you, you never really give a shit about another.

A was the last nigga I met from an online dating site… and Ima keep it that way.

Thanks for letting me vent Foxes.
Ima continue listening to Jay, The Blue Print 3, and go thru the let go of the get go.



Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “December 24th”

  1. Lol wait a minute! I do trust my friends when it comes to boys. I tell them everything to vent and keep life in perspective because when you say what you’re doing OUT LOUD it makes u think about it. However, bytches these days are shystie! The moment he said.. from what i gather… he had his friends EX-MAN’S number in his phone i would have let him go. Who does that? But wasn’t he tryin to put YOU down? Why is he talking to him? After numbers are exchanged, its “mission accomplished!” I dunno, “friends” don’t do shady shyt like that lol.

    Anyway. He ain’t nobody’s aggressive that’s for sure. If he’s not calling you saying when the date to meet up is and when you should get there… he’s passive. Boys will tell you anything over an impersonal text. At least you were smart enough to realize that early. Hm, ive heard many a cunt say they’re done with the internet… until the loneliness sets in… and the phone stops vibrating. You can do it though =)

    1. had the nukka’s number in his phone. I have never had anyone of my friends (straight or gay) s/o’s in my phone…. and to be texting/calling em like that is aight??? where is the respect!?!

      and dude obviously wants a little boy. he is not trying to handle an adult relationship. how much you wanna bet the ex is something from the simple life? its aight. opens the door for the next dude, who willing to step up and put in 50/50 work!!!!

      ……..and, why i gotta be a cunt tho?! lol

      1. Lol “cunt” is a general term like.. athlete or fysh.. not meant in any negative way. Hm.. “dude obviously wants a little boy” you know, ive thought about that. Is it because they aren’t ready for the responsibility of an “adult relationship” or is it because so many others have settled for that type of behavior so he continues to be that way?

  2. UrSoVain – I went on vacation, thinking about your question.

    It has alot to do with others settling for that and him becoming use to it. When you are a top, you live in a world where bottoms (like a groupie h0 to an athlete) throw themselves at you. There is only like 1 top to 25 bottoms these days. So if all these whores and slores give up easy, when they meet someone like me or you – its either a) too much of a challenge or b) the one they want but have trouble expressing it.

    1. The top to bottom ratio is a disheartening to say the least. So these men are so used to getting it easy that when someone who poses more of a challenge comes along… they arent willing to expend as much energy. That makes sense. But will there be a moment when they are willing to… when all the sluts and the sex because uninteresting and they seek something deeper? If so, where are those men who’ve reached that point at?

      1. Yup. I find that you will meet them somehow and somewhere in a public setting. BGC and A4A – forget it. Those sites are tarnished.

        I believe a top will want to look for something deep when he is tired of the game, catches an incurable disease, or has fucked all the thirsty bottoms and wants more.

        Also, there are ALOT of bi curious tops who are in relationships with females and tired of it. It’s all chance. Be at the right place at the right time.

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