deven hubbard wants males to get out his dms and emails

why ya’ll keep hitting up deven hubbard in dms and emails?
he says he’s straight and don’t want ya’ll.
a foxholer directed me to a ig story that he recorded on his way home from basketball camp…

even tho i think he is a heavy doofus,
i will have to agree with him.
oh God…
i agreed with something he had to say…
it use to bug me,
when i use to frequent snap,
straight wolves complaining about dicks in their dms.
that is so aggressive to me.
stop it!
stop it right now!
no one like a deven or a whoever will respond to that.
it’s better in real life where they see you in motion.
the right circles will get you some right dl pipe.
plus it fucks it up for the rest of us who are spying/stalking.

as far as deven’s rant is concerned,
i don’t know what to think anymore.
“so i charge this amount for these gay4pay specials…”
i’m just going with the “whatever” at this point.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “deven hubbard wants males to get out his dms and emails”

  1. so… when you are using and sucking off of gay men (literally and figuratively) that’s okay? When you are letting gay men film you naked, you have no problem, when you are sucking dick down to the instagram, I’m sorry, he just happened to be out of frame, ran out the room and the the dick just happened to be hard a few feet away with pre ejaculate, and let’s not forget him riding the “Saran Wrap,” but that’s okay. Listen bruh, if you think you need to block people do that, but trying to proclaim your straightness with this wack janky service announcement, ain’t hitting it. STAHP It!

  2. Lol those homos must be thirsty af to DM him of all people.

    Also, I don’t care for him but its his right. If he doesn’t want men to message him flirting then thats his prerogative. Nothing wrong with that. He said it respectfully too

  3. Yal caping for sm1 who actually likes receiving so much attention just so he can talk about it and feel relevant? *insert Oprah throwing her head back and laughing gif here*

  4. There’s this guy who looks slightly better than him that wants me. I think he’s trash, but others overlook his foolishness due to his alleged looks.

    I guess I don’t care if the world thinks he is, when I don’t. Inside or out.

    All this guy is saying is they’re not offering enough money or asking for it for free. He’s the type to have ‘generou$ only’ on his profile.

  5. Maybe he meant don’t him up unless you talking money, because there isn’t a single way you gon let another dude fuck you, you fuck them, sucking dick, playing with dick on camera and you can say you straight. It don’t work like that, I don’t care how you identify. And them two pus bumps on his dick came from someone in Atlanta 😷.

  6. I don’t find him attrive at all. Actually ugly. The more he speak the uglier he look. Who chasing him?

    1. He’s really attractive from the neck down. They are lusting after his body because we all have to admit that it is really nice.

      1. The neck down yes. I still won’t mess with him though.

        Plus most men think with their dicks thats why. They are no different than straight men who try to “turn out” lesbians and are all in their DMs.

  7. Why are people dm’ing him anyway. …he insincere and vapid. Isn’t he supposed to be playing basketball in Greece? I’m also confused. does he use his ig for business or g4p, or both? I’m not trying to force anyone out of the closet but c’mom, the man is GAY.

  8. It’s been a long ride and I was hoping that the gays got off it once the nudes and onlyfans happened but I guess that’s not happening. Listen I’m still just trying to figure out what it is that they really really see in him that makes him just a hot commodity.

  9. Stop taking avantage of gay men and stop chasing gay coins and doing gay roles on 📺 tv shows, movies 🎥 and Music videos and won’t have the gay boys lusting over you and the gay male community Please stop lust the str8 boys that don’t want us and start lusting over the fine gay men within own community. Why you thinking straight women try to turn these hot gay men straight go on gay men Instagram You can see thirsty females on a comment saying some sexual stuff to these gay men

  10. Okay, I just need to say that gay men are truly cringeworthy with stuff like this. That Devin guy looks general to me and IDK….it’s just sad…Wish gay men would stop raining down lust over men who wouldnt pee on them if they were in flames. Gay men can be so thirsty it’s sad…(apparently, straights can too..SMH)

    Stop taking care of grown abled body men who loathe your existence just so you can jack off to a dream that will.never happen…goodness

    Also, why do these straight men sell themselves like this (besides easy gay coins) and expect not to get hit up.

    Oi, this social media powered era is troublesome. You have even the most lackluster men thinking they are God’s gift to society.. Cringe…

    1. These straight guys go for this because they like the attention that they receive. A lot will say they’re not gay, but with a little “prodding” and the right words…they’ll drop their guard and entertain your conversation. A lot of them are very cautious as well because they feel friends and/or family members may be trying to trick them (I had one guy tell me that).
      Most of these guys, they’re in denial…but a lot of them are definitely gay for pay.

  11. First. His lip gloss is poppin.

    2nd. Why is he in so many videos and insta stories of him in vinny”s house, in photos with all gay men and seemingly with a particular guy and around all gay men. Usually straight men have photos with girls.

    ALL I got out of it was don’t DM him…email him. He clearly is a gay for pay. But if you gay for pay, you gay on any day . Any day will be all day , someday

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