marvin bienaime is starring in “the whispers” (alleged)

marvin bienaime,
or as i like to call him:

“doing the Lord’s work”

i’m a fan of how he takes his photos.
he knows the male bawdy very well.
so the following story is very alleged.
one of my foxholers alerted me about a potential brew.
so an african model named “levieux”:

…had a lot to font about marvin in his ig story.
this is “what was what?!?”

so it caused others to starting yelping in his comments as well:

again this is all alleged about marvin bienaime,
and not some other marvin who shoots,
i think he’s gonna have to start quieting these alleged whispers.
he’ll have a whole tea pot in the flavor “#metoo” lickety-fuckin-split.
allegedly fonting.
bill cosby is a cautionary tale about falling from grace.

you’ll have your whole shit snatched and publicly shamed.
i don’t even hit up wolves that i post on some “cum fuck me” shit.
they reach out 99% of the time.
even in my ratchet-ier blogging days,
i kept it respectful.
so marvin,
you know i love your work,
but if these whispers have any truth behind them…


lowkey: marvin could stand to stay bts.
high key.

i’m tired of seeing him and reading “what he has done for models”.
a tv spot and an interview in essence isn’t making them stars.
they’re almost the equivalent to a “one night stand”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “marvin bienaime is starring in “the whispers” (alleged)”

  1. Smh….Just too much drama. Be glad none of you in the Foxhole have to put up with drama like this. Stress free 2018 going into 2019 the same.

    Note: Not dismissing his claim but this generation will say anything for attention. I take everything with a grain of salt until I have visible proof.

  2. This isn’t news who doesn’t know he asks for nudes.I didn’t know how thirsty he was but everyone who works with him has to send a contribution.

  3. LMAO!! The sad thing is that many of these dudes will do it because they want a shot at “blowing up”..

    Idk about Marvin but I’m gonna say it here, REAL credible modelling agencies (especially the fashion based ones) will NEVER ask you for nudes. Nor will they ask you for money up front. Stop falling for these IG photographers! You’d think he’s Bruce Weber the way he’s asking for peen pics lol!

  4. What people need to understand is that Marvin is a photographer not a model agency!!! He has only took on one client and that was Donny savage. When things went left because Donny didn’t want to pay him they went to court and of course Marvin won because he has all these “models” sign some sort of an agreement form. Do you really think this man is going to jeopardize his career over this guys? Marvin isn’t even gay 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’ve know him way before he ever became a photographer. Also my thing with these guys are if you know that he specializes in nude shoots why are y’all reaching out to him if your not comfortable shooting nude? No one is forcing these guys to shoot with him. There are a lot of photographer they can go to and get a regular shoot done 🤷🏾‍♂️

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