marvin bienaime stars in “the whispers are getting louder” (alleged)

so this story is picking up
so the model,
decided he had more time for marvin today.
he posted an alleged conversation between the two on ig.
this is what allegedly went down in the dms…

…and ended up getting allegedly blocked:

“with your dick hard from every angle…”

so does this mean…
those other model wolves…
had to send in nude selfies before they got a nude shoot?

i heard marshun got nude on marvin’s snap too…

…but i thought it was pr for us to subscribe.
marshun’s pipe is somewhere on the foxhole so…
 i’m curious why donny savage and royal g cut all ties.
we might find out soon.


male or female,
need to be careful when booking shoots.

males are starting to get preyed on heavy now.
some will do anything to be famous,
or pay for a shoot,
which makes photo-jackals believe everyone is the same.
i know ya’ll want to be shot,
but some shit is an absolute “no-no”.
requesting nudes before a shoot is unprofessional.

What is the procedure for nude shoots?

i’m asking the photograhy foxhole to help those interested.
don’t let perverts exploit you out here.
terry richardson.
if you feel uncomfortable in any photo shoot,
collect your shit and bounce.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “marvin bienaime stars in “the whispers are getting louder” (alleged)”

  1. I’m sorry but as visually appealing as his photos are, it’s basically soft core porn. If you’re here to take photos, why are you videoing me? Honestly it does seem hella creepy.

  2. You absolutely NEVER have to send a nude shot to any photographer prior to a shoot. At the very most your underwear is the one requirement!! This has sketch written all over it! I’m glad ole boy had the nerve to speak up about tit.

  3. I was almost about to log him into the same category with Mr N3K who also has that same kinda creepy vibe but the difference is his genre is basically softcore /erotica photography so at least you know what you’re getting into beforehand..

  4. Nude previews usually are required for nude photoshoots. So you’re going to book a model and not see the quality before hand? Now 🍆 hard is a lil too much. I would have blocked the model also, if he was weirded out by sending the pic then just imagine how he would act at the photoshoot. Marvin is a little creepy but if you’re willing to do nude photoshoots for fame then sending your 🍆 pic to another guy is the least of your worries lol.

    1. He sent him a nude he wanted a million different angles. And like he mentioned it it’s not up to your standards then what?! It’s sexual predatory.

    2. That’s only true if you’re shooting for porn. No legitimate photographer is going to ask for nude shots. The most they will ask is for shirtless or an underwear shot to get an overall assessment of your body. There’s no reason for any legitimate photographer to ask for pictures of your dick even if it is a nude shoot, because unless you’re shooting porn the pictures aren’t going to be graphic full frontal shots anyway so there’s no need for dick pics

  5. While I think Marvin’s behavior is absolutely inappropriate if it’s true, I do think there’s a bit of hypocrisy with a lot of these models because most of them end up making porn on ‘onlyfans’ anyway

  6. He’s always been off with his vibes, I know that being gay ain’t easy and pickings are slim out here. But to decide that you’re going to get your rocks off by tricking male models into sending you nude shots is disgusting. Catfishing and all dat is something that is reserved for children who don’t know any better. I as a former photographer thought of getting into this business once upon a time just so I could have the pics to jerkoff to at night. But the thought alone seems sick and that’s why I never done it.

    Also like you mentioned Jamari these models have to be more careful. If you have to even question the way it makes you feel then it’s a NO! SMFH This is why we as gays will always be perverts in some eyes. Control yourself. I have never even had a man or sex at age 26 and the desire practically eats me alive but I refuse to succumb to evil ways just to get my rocks off. Myvidster app and premium account does wonders.

    1. Oh STFU please I bet this same nigga is around other gay photographers Right now and it’s funny Y’all protect straight niggas and blame gay guys For be perverts but protect straight women sexually harass gay man at gay clubs. I don’t believe this fool Niggas can Photoshop everything

  7. A lot of male models are so desperate for a little fame and notoriety, they are willing to do everything and anything. There is no secret that a lot of male photographers are pervs but don’t feel sorry for some of these narcissistic male models. A lot of them will shun legit photographers to shoot with these same pervs because they like the praise and attention they receive. One of my straight male friends who happens to be a model said a photographer grabbed his dick during a casting, yet was still willing to work with this man. The only reason he did not shoot with the photographer is because the photographer decided not to use him and ghosted him.

  8. First the dm’s are way too inconsistent and some are missing! Marvin did say he was doing a erotica shoot so it makes sense why he would want nude shots beforehand. You always test drive the car before you buy it! Now asking for all the different angles and hard ons may be a bit much, but why is it that we’re so quick to assume the straight guy is innocent and deam the gay guy the predator, because once society finds out were gay they automatically eqaute us to pedophilia, perversion, etc. I’m willing to give Marvin the benefit of the doubt Marvin has done hundreds of these shoots with other men & now one person has a problem everyone else wants to come out of the woodworks.

  9. More drama I see….and these are grown men, not young boys. If a grown man don’t have enough sense to decipher if someone is taking advantage of him then what is really going on? How you gonna be a legit model, study the craft of modeling and not know how the business works????

    Im not being too harsh, I’m just saying.

    Also, this happens in the music and film industry as well….but we already about that.

    Now there is a vid I saw of an actual shoot of a model and I noticed the white photographer was massaging his penis between shots and I was just looking like….ummm. Why is that man stroking him like that for a photo shoot????

  10. I told you Jamari that this was going to happen one day. His pics and videos feel like porn to me. Claims to be modeling yet i rarely ever see them wearing clothes and i rarely ever see him shoot woman either. I feel he coerces these men into doing sexual things with hopes of getting on. Whether it’s cameos on a Tyler Perry show or a Lil Kim video like some of his past clients. It’s sad that folks will exploit others knowing that they;re trying to go into the business. Not surprised at all

  11. I been said this. Marvin is a queen and a predator. he preys on broke men trying to catch a break. he blocked me because I called him out so I dont get to see much

    1. i remember Clinton the handsome, bright eyed gentleman with the locs. I think Marvin make a move on some of them but not all. Predators usually get a feel for you first before the try you. Idk why folks think Men can’t be sexually harassed by another man in the same way that they harass women.

  12. Nudity is not a requirement for real modeling and frontal nudity is never a requirement for submission unless you are doing a playgirl style shoot or eroticism. In photography an erection is eroticism or porn, and non erection, covered nude or ass shot is artistic. This however should be spelled out in the model casting and in the release as to how the photos and video will be used and who owns the rights. A model can get signed with only a headshot and upper body pic because I used to shoot those for some models doing submission and open calls for agencies in San Francisco. Some got signed so this is how I know. What happened here is hard to say as it’s he said…he said. The style that Marvin does is fitness but with an artistic element similar to Rick Day (had the same scandal/ accusations from models), Luis Rafael, Pat Lee, Foto 119, etc. The prevalent type of photography for men now is fitness, artistic and erotic plan and simple…just look at any Instagram post limits are being pushed. When you incorporate an artistic element unless you are specific, direct and clear on your objectives, they can be some misunderstandings as models may have buyers remorse after a shoot or video. This can create another set of issues (Shot a model, paid and he signed a release and was happy the results then his gf was unhappy with his pics as he was nude in some and wanted me to reshoot them and not use the originals). As well, if an photographer places conditions on moving a project forward then there may be hurt feelings as well. Most photoshoots however don’t have a video component of artistic nudity. Some models don’t realize this video is on the net forever even when they move on to other ventures or phases in their lives. Having been a photographer for over 30 yrs with the onset of the internet, hiphop, millennials, x and z generations what used to be taboo has been flipped and is now perceived as being okay. This is my quick model summary of the observations in the context of your post. From my experiences, models (amateur, porn stars, mainstream, fitness model, bodybuilders, fetish) fall into 4 categories with each reserving the right to change or fit into multiple at the same time….1. The Naïve (aka the prey)- those who want to model who may or may not have the look but don’t know where to start, may fall prey to a scam, may not be willing to put in the work to find the information or may not know where to look. They may live in a small town and eventually move to a larger city but have no street game nor can recognize a con. They are the prime category con-men and shady companies look for because they are trusting. 2. The Opportunist (aka str8 by day)- these models get enough information to be dangerous. They are willing to fall into whatever role is advantageous be it with either sex…depends on whose paying or what is needed to get ahead. Bottomline they are down for whatever. But if called out they resort to the victim role and the other person was the pervert, pursuer, etc. because since they maintain the masculine str8 persona nobody will ever believe they mess around nor would resort to using their bodies to get ahead. 3. The Real Models (aka legit models) are about their grind putting in work, studying their craft, getting as much information as possible, investing in themselves (product) mind, body and soul. They network no matter who the person is and are not intimidated by a person’s sexual preference. They set boundaries and standards and hold people accountable. Modeling has the good, the bad and the ugly just as any other thing in life. 4. The Attentionistas (aka Social Media addicts) are adept in getting attention some at any means necessary and at all costs. They have various objectives some legit some not. They all have to maintain a certain perception of success but looks are deceiving. Some have jobs, some don’t, some have support, some don’t. The common denominator is the majority are gym addicts living for the next post on Instagram and likes to stay relevant. So, professions fall in a small list of categories (personal trainer, fitness model, bodybuilder, stripper, etc.). Bottomline it takes money for workout gear, training, supplements, food, travel, accommodations, competition fees, etc. Often now you find models doing a host of legit and not so legit gigs such as GoFundMe pages, Powermen, stripping/ dancing, modeling both mainstream, fitness, and erotic as well as escorting and venturing into porn as a backup. Afterall, rent has to be paid. Some are genuine and appreciate all attention whether it’s from men or women. Some are conditional…they want the attention and support but no mention of who is behind the support. You have the two-faced…where they malign the gay community on one hand and accept gifts and hookups in their dm with the other hand. Finally in Photography- not every photographer has the interest of the model, nor is every photographer legit but an overwhelming amount are legit and are above board. Just in anything else if something sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Getting naked in a video will not blow you up in legit modeling no matter what the promises are; however, it will blow you up in the erotic and porn field if that’s your objective. If you are desperate that is a recipe for disaster and becoming a victim as your morals and values take a back seat. Hope that helps.

  13. Jamari, you tried it with these main post pictures. I do not want to look down at his comic book villain face as….please make it stop.

  14. This may be harsh

    What I don’t understand (and this goes towards the me-too movement as well) is if you don’t like something why entertain it? Why the constant back and forth? In life there are some benevolent people out here, but everything is not a charity and with most things if we are to be honest you must pay to play. I think Cav is totally right and unfortunately in my opinion because the American dream is becoming less attainable many people are becoming opportunist, and if that is the route you choose then own it, why are we allowing people to claim victimhood because their opportunity didn’t pan out? At the end of the day Marvin is talented and people try to ingratiate themselves to him to gain access to his talents, connections, and contacts and that doesn’t come cheap and if you don’t like the rules of his game then find the strength of character and decide that its not for you and keep it pushing. The bad part is that it kind of shines a bad light on those who do chose to work with Marvin because you are now left wondering what did they do? Look there are a lot of people out here (both men and women gay/ straight and everything else) who are willing to drop their dawgs for opportunity and that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people and that’s what people are finding hard to deal with.

    1. Yes Reality616 you are totally correct. Here’s a true example…I shot an up and coming fitness model/ bodybuilder a couple years ago. He had just got out of prison for drugs and decided to pursue the modeling/ fitness route as he started working out while incarcerated. Had kids he was taking care of too. We only shot clothing and underwear the first time. He is muscular and goodlooking…the epitome of what men and women desire. So, I shot him again about 1yr later and he told me he’d done other shoots and told me some of the experiences and indecent proposals he’d gotten. Well, he said while in the gym and in competitions he’d gotten several offers which he first turned down but after not being to find a good job and having bills, child support and the costs of maintaining his physique for fitness, he finally broke down and started taking the money. He says most gyms where fitness and bodybuilders work out have a subculture where services are bartered in exchange for something. He now has a sponsor that pays everything in exchange for sex and if he finds other male fitness and bodybuilders willing to have the guy as a sponsor with benefits he gets a bonus. He doesn’t consider himself gay but now just sexual. He says situations dictate changing his thoughts. He is not the only one so he says and he make no apologies for what he does. He even says now there’s a specific site for just male fitness and bodybuilders (ard 1000) only who do live cam shows, self made muscle worship/ jo vids and escorting/ meetups and membership is 99% male. Times have changed.

  15. I’ve known marvin for years and I can tell you that this model is full of BS! He has forms that he has all models sign before even shooting with him. He keeps his shoots very professional and models usually reach out to him not the other way around. If you know a photographer specializes in nude shoots and you aren’t comfortable shooting need why would you even hit him up for a shoot. Marvin is not a sexual predator and he would not be this successful if that was the case!!!!

  16. Well well look at this. The chickens have come home to roost. SMFH… it never fails. Beware of those that present a too goody two shoes image with a smiling face.

    So Jamari here’s the deal. Firstly NO MODEL whether aspiring or otherwise NEED TO SEND ANY NUDE SHOTS OF THEMSELVES TO ANY PHOTOGRAPHER who claims to be a photographer that wants to build your portfolio. I repeat NO ONE, NONE, NUNCA. If they persist, leave them the fuck alone and move on.

    The ONLY industry that requires, SOMETIMES, the model send nude pics of themselves is the PORN industry. I repeat, ITS THE ONLY INDUSTRY THAT REQUIRES NUDE PREVIEWS and some porn studios do not require nude selfies.

    There are some photographers that will explicitly advertise a NUDE photo shoot and ask models to contact IF INTERESTED. The aspiring model knows BEFORE hand what the theme of the shoot is and is not surprised. Yes the photographer may be looking for a particular type. In that case he/she puts it in his add. If they are looking for well endowed men they will state. If they are looking for big busts women, slim women, dark skin, light skin, gay models, straight models WHATEVER the photographer will advertise BEFORE had. No surprises. Models apply, Photographer selects. Shoot is done. Model is paid. everybody happy.

    For Marvin to allegedly ask for NUDE selfies of his models and on the other hand he advertises and promotes a professional modeling portfolio is completely contrary to the professional rules of the industry and he should be outed if it is true. If true ARVIN IS A VIOLATOR AND A FUCKING PERVERT and should be a subject of the MeToo movement. Even when the model ask for a nude shoot the photographer does not need nude selfies of the model as it is really not his concern. Its the models request, not the photographer!

    Marvin is a fucking pervert, IF IT IS TRUE. Frankly I believe he is , but thats just me. As a gay man there is a saying in the lifestyle….SHEEP KNOWS SHEEP. If I cant spot a gay or closeted man after living all my life as one, well I am a dumb ass.

  17. I don’t get it.Did he force them to shoot nudes at gunpoint?
    America is a land where nobody wants to take responsibility.Its better to play the victim when it doesn’t go your way.

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