deven hubbard is a straight daddy

deven hubbard posted this picture and the caption was this:

he is letting us know that he didn’t gain any baby weight.
deven is a daddy now.
to some of you,
a heavy “dilf“.
his daughter has arrived and this is what he posted on his ig…


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Daddy and mommy’s twin! I loves you! 11-22-19

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like i told one of the vix-bi when i got the alert:

The real ride is about to start

deven is one of the the fathers of all attentionistos.
he is the only one who seems to know how to keep folks talking.
he is either gonna calm down or the drama is gonna kick into high gear.
he knows how to keep the forests talking and i’m always here for it.
who else would post their abs when talking about their girlfriend going in labor?


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Falling down is a accident, staying down is a choice! don’t be a clown and make the wrong decision!

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buckle up.
congrats on his new bundle of joy.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “deven hubbard is a straight daddy”

    1. When I tell you Yawn was first thing I said after reading this article. Lmfaoo. Whenever I find out theses guys have kids it always a turn off for me. Its like a switch, it just clicks off.

  1. Eh he’s a child to me, So I dnt really care lol but honestly maybe he IS Straight? We now see how lucrative “onlyfans” can be, so all that stuff we saw with Vinny was prolly jus for the money, and honestly the videos I saw he DID look mad uncomfortable, He was running from a naked vinny in one, and then letting vinny run his dick between his feet in another 😬

  2. I always said he looked like Beaker from the Muppets but when cut his hair, he looked handsome to me in a way. Now he’s blonde like a light skinned Sisquo or something.

    In any case, I still think he let Vinny play with or suck that dick in some way. Vinny has a known habit of going after younger men which is not bad since they are grown but it appears he monetizes them like a pimp or sugar daddy in a way. Every boy that he has been around, he has messed with. While he may not have messed with him on camera, Seven dick likely slipped in that mouth afterwards.

    I’m on the fence about his sexuality Jamari, though it’s none of my business nor do I really care who he screws…there are a lot of men that have kids and are married and still be DOFD’ ING (Ducking off for Dick). Deven could be bi or he could have just went through that part of his life to get taken care of and he’s done.

    And it’s pretty obvious why some of the gays like him:

    3 of these combinations will get any man in the door with general black gays..

    He’s TALL
    He’s IN-SHAPE
    He looks TRADE

    Bonus: If he has a BIG DICK…he is automatically considered. He could look like Jeepers Creepers in the face but as long as the dik big and work…”He sexy as hell.”

    In any case. I think the baby will be cute. If it’s with the same girl I saw him with before. It may get all her looks.

  3. He’s letting you know he’s still a queen with those big ugly red flowers on his pants. The ugliest jeans I have ever seen.

  4. Deven can be the Poster Boy for Tank’s “Suck Dick Twice” Movement. You know where they think they not gay if they suck it twice and didn’t like it. I’ve seen the onlyfans of Vinny and Deven. Vinny was definitely fucking around with Rio. Rio and Deven had a 3some with a girl. Deven may be straight but he definitely has some gay tendencies. He always showing his booty hole. He let Vinny rub his dick on his feet while both of them was in the same bed naked. He was definitely naked in a jacuzzi with Rio and Vinny. Just because you don’t have sex with men don’t mean you can’t be bi. Hell Bruce Jenner got married and had kids and he realized he like dick too much. Whatever he wants to call himself, I will go along with it. As long as he comfortable with who he is; that’s all that really matters. He can play with his booty like Dwayne McKell, somebody getting off to it. Clearly the both of them have a big gay following and they cool with it.

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