“the short kiss goodnight” starring odell beckham jr?

odell beckham jr is dating that lovely vixen,
lolo wood.
i found it funny she dated shemar moore,
another one that folks try to say is gay.
these two look good together tho:

i’d watch the sex tape.
well they’re talking about odell and his alleged suspect behavior on the field again.
this time,
it’s with an alleged kiss on the cheek via “gossip in the city“.
you be the judge

it did look like he was talking in mid hug.
the look on his face and that hesitation afterwards tho…

in other countries,
males do kiss each other on the cheek.
i mean,
this is america but still.

the baller wolf from the dolphins is christian wilkins:


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Time to go to work! #finsup #justsmile @miamidolphins

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christian is dating this one:

it looks like he’s straight.
until odell officially “comes out“,

he’s straight too.

video cc: gossip in the city

19 thoughts on ““the short kiss goodnight” starring odell beckham jr?

  1. Odell and other black athletes plus your non athletes deal with white women because of what another person post. The majority of these guys are getting babies and dealing with other men on the side. I see it all the time with local individuals who love having a white woman and will fuck you silly if you allow it.

  2. @Jamari,

    For some reason, IG posts aren’t populating in your posts. There’s a declaration to “view this post on Instagram,” but when one clicks on it, nothing happens.

    I’ve noticed this a lot lately, especially with urban blogs (since those are the only blogs I frequent).

    I guess you’ll have to start taking screenshots instead of trying to hyperlink.

  3. >> CHRISTIAN IS GAY<<<<<

    HEY Fam.. Normally I would not chime in and spill TEA!!!! But!!!!!! THIS PLAYER IS NOT STRAIGHT.. I am an avid Football fan and watch College Football. Christian is Gay. I have tape of a college Game when he played for Clemson. It stood out to me because during a Multi-team Tackle , I peeped one of the players was feeling up numerous players throughout the game.(CHRISTAIN)

    A few weeks later THIS same player [CHRISTIAN ] did a Full 'Running – in -place- House of Extravaganza Gay Ball" Kick and Split after his TEAM ( Clemson ) won the Championship.


    [ I am Gay: I worked in A Gay Club.:I have seen Gay Balls and Queens who can Kick!!! ]

    Not saying that Odell is Gay , but this very very interesting

      1. Thank you BEAUTIFUL..I get so tired of Media and Black Celebrities Showing us and our Children that “Something is wrong with Black cos they Choose non black( Sad)

        I am ,Smart,Spiritual,Sexy,Strong,Loving ,Attractive and just happen to be BLACK!!!!!!( wink,smile)

  4. Why all these black athletes only date white woman! I mean love who you love but I’m just curious.

    1. The word on the street is that “Whites” are more accepting than Blacks are of things…which a hit or miss assumption depending on the situation.

      Black women are known for being loud, rowdy and judgemental when in reality they are just strong, independent and can see past the bullcrap straight men try to dish out most of the time.

      At my old job, I remember hearing most of my employees…both black and white, talk about getting an Asian woman…Not directly relating to their beauty but to their submissiveness.

      I found it interesting. They do the same thing in porn I noticed with White partners being more submissive and easier to dominate (or fool.) At least to me, from the straight porn I’ve seen, interracial porn paints White women as willing to do anything, like eating a man’s ass or basically just being a submissive slut that fulfills all his nasty desires.

      Unless she comes from a really dysfunctional home, a Black woman is not gonna take shit from any man and do anything she feels uncomfy doing. If she feels like something is off, she is going to investigate and get down to the bottom of it. She is going to question him, ask where he’s been and she will remember his patterns and exactly what he said he was doing when he said it.

      Though this is not true for all, a lot of White women don’t run up behind their men like this. They allow them to do stuff…


      The type of Black men that chase after white only love the power through White privilege for dating a white person and also the submissive stereotypes associated with them.

      I have been on Twitter and I have seen Black Men make post about White women, and will show a picture of one saying she is thicc or her ass is phat when it’s as flat as a can of 10 year old Dr. Pepper.

      1. Nice points you mentioned and yes I can see why our brothers step outside of their race. Very few if any will tell you the REAL reasons why they stepped out. The common excuse they use are #LoveIsLove and #YouCantStopTheHeart. I consider that argument bullshit. There are too many women , black women, out there for you NOT to find one to love. They CHOOSE white women for a REASON, not Love.

        Your points are solid and sadly some brothers choose to sleep white only because they sadly do not want their offspring to be black. Years of indoctrination is the reason for this.. it’s sad but true.. We have self hate issues to deal with in the community. As for OBJ the brother is what they call a metrosexual. To me hes just a man that loves SEX and is sexual in his mannerisms. He gets away with it because of his looks, his money, his athleticism and he wears his many BEARDS well. Look at his alleged new beard..she’s a looker but sadly a high class HOE. Give them a year at least then its OVER. OBJ doesn’t want any woman except to have his kids. Look at Anotnio Brown. Same thing. They want no woman. They have many kids, fuck some pussy but they also fuck athlete’s who are also BL or Buried Low..

        Good for him and others like him. My problem with them is sleeping white but to each his own. I guess something’s will never change. They have been fucking us since the boat landed from Africa and they will continue to fuck us once they taste black, their pussy gets hacked..

        1. Pretty much. I think black people are some of the most beautiful ever. I love the way the sunlight bounces off black skin. It’s magic.

    1. Agreed. He looks like he freaky too. I bet he into all kinds of kinky stuff. I dont think he’s gay at all but he could be bi. There are probably a lot men who are bi that do have steady girlfriends.

      Either way I’m glad he found what he wanted at this point in his life.

      Odell reminds me of the High School boy all the girls wanted. The type that will let a gay dude suck his peen after football practice once, maybe twice and it stays just between y’all.

      He is what everyone calls and opened minded straight which to me means he’s open to experimentation to a lot of “things.”

  5. Black men who only date White woman are suspect.

    Channing Tatum dressed as Beyonce and women still want him.

    Whenever a Black man does it, he’s a queen. Eddie. Wesley. Tyler.

    Black men date White women who won’t question their queenish behavior because we’re seen as ultra masculine.

  6. That’s nothing to be concerned about. That’s something they do in sports, when they really cool with them, they do embrace like brothers. Odell is cool with a lot of people on and off the field. Thats why they don’t question his behavior. This is nothing. Its innocent.

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