this is some shit (jocelyn savage allegedly reveals more about r. kelly)

she looks like ciara ^there.
so jocelyn savage allegedly revealed the next chapter in her confessions about r. kelly.
if this is her,
i’m glad she used her brain and took this circus to the service “patreon“.

gossip in the city” revealed this alleged excerpt…

eating shit if you threw up the piss?!?!

if this is true,
this story gets worse and worse.
i can see why most of those vixens in the documentary were so broken.
he had them doing some real off the wall shit.
i heard he allegedly hog tied his wife in the bed and left her there for hours.

in a twist,
jocelyn’s sister doesn’t know if this is her.
this is what jai savage had to say in an ig live:


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Joycelyn’s sister @jaisavage speaks … see previous post .

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it might be a catfish writing fantasy?


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They not even smart or hiding it well🤦🏾‍♀️

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that would be just as sick.
this is all too much.

Will the real Jocelyn Savage please stand up?

*all pictures cc: gossip in the city

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One thought on “this is some shit (jocelyn savage allegedly reveals more about r. kelly)”

  1. Smart move for her and relevance in the future. I can already see a book deal and boy she definitely betta milk that cow till it runs dry. Wendy gonna have a field day with this one tomorrow.

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