jocelyn savage left all her fucks in r. kelly’s dungeon?

i knew they would crack eventually.
^this one,
jocelyn savage,

you remember me always saying her brainwashing was wearing off.
she always looked like she was studying the exits.

You not gonna be in jail and I’m starving in your crib

was the heat on?
who was paying the bills?
jocelyn seems to be talking now.
i think she has finally made her exit.
this is what “the shade room” and “neighborhood talk” are reporting…

the shade room


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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ ______________________________________ Its been a long time coming, as people have speculated the relationship between #RKelly and his girlfriends was all a hoax. Now, #JoycelynSavage has chosen a unique way in which to tell her side of the story–a side we never thought we’d hear. ______________________________________ Despite her previous stance of being in love with R. Kelly, and wanting to stay in a relationship with him, Joycelyn has released the first part of her story, and it sounds similar to the stories of the women who spoke out in the documentary. ______________________________________ She says she met Kells when she was 19 years old, and he promised he would help her live out her dreams as an artist. He even told her she would be the next Aaliyah. Shortly after they met, things took—click the link in our bio to read more! (📸: @gettyimages)

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the neighborhood talk


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She also said he told her that she was going to be the next Aaliyah!

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this is a cautionary tale of:

“You weren’t a special snowflake sweetheart.”

you saw him allegedly treating others like shit,
but didn’t think he would do it to you.
i won’t lie,
that was one lesson that i learned pretty hard throughout my life.
from gossiping about others to full blown toxic behavior,
you aren’t immune to being treated horribly by others.
it usually starts once they feel comfortable or the honeymoon phase is over.

if this is true,
i hope she took her ass home tho.
the other one with the big mouth should be en route to her family too.
they are all gonna need tons of therapy.
good news?

Their books about their time with R. Kelly are gonna break the internet

lowkey: they don’t need to date anyone for a while.
they need to purge.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “jocelyn savage left all her fucks in r. kelly’s dungeon?”

  1. One of the interviewees said he wanted her to put a dildo in him and it slid in his ass so easy, there was no resistance.

      1. Oh there have definitely been talks about him getting fked in the past. I would not be surprised if he did on the low. A lot of men that want women to put on a dildo and do them be Bi. I’m trying to tell y’all..Don’t fall for that he still straight stuff. You’d be surprised..lmao

  2. Crazy thing about this is that their are a lot of men out there like this low-key.

    What’s even crazier? They’ll accept this type of dude before they will a gay man.. lmfao.

    This does make me wonder though..if this is a looked over problem in the gay world too?

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