When Straight Friends Run From Their Naked Gay Ones?

*the following is xxx foxhole material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

sidebar: i want to thank everyone for all the well wishes.
i saw your comments,
and emails.
i needed to step away from the world for a few.
did that and now i’m back.
let’s font…

now i said i wasn’t gonna font about deven hubbard,
especially after ( x the last entry ).
the way how my petty is set up tho…
so a lot of shit went down this memorial day weekend.
as you know,
it was pride in dc so i’m sure it was full of shenanigans.
alleged sex tapes,
and gossip welcomed.
aside from that,
 a baiter named “jericho” rode in with some alleged exclusives.
it was from the confusing world of deven and vinny.
this is what they decided to show us…
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