Jordan Shephard Is Trying To Be The New Meat

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 3.05.43 PMuuuuuhhhh…
so foto 119 has been introducing us to a new set of wolves.
everyone meet aspiring model,
jordan shephard

can we talk about that v cut?
and his nose?


here are his model stats:

chest: 41
waist: 33
hip: 42
born: houston, texas
attended: tamu

not bad.
here are some videos of how jordan is getting his meat right:


very nice.
very very nice.
well i see “fitness model” for jordan.
krave magazine,
he should also look into acting as well.
i see commercials.
he is too big to be a model for new yawk fashion week,
but he’ll stay good money if he stays in his lane.
keep it up jordan.
the foxhole is watching now.
let’s try to set up an interview in the near future!

lowkey: he seems like a dorkish vibe to him…

nothing is sexier than a dork.

fotos credited: jordan shephard | foto 119

learn more about jordan:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Jordan Shephard Is Trying To Be The New Meat”

  1. i really think that you are on to something with the agency idea. it would bring together your various creative interests and put your critical eye to good financial use.
    Give it a shot J! The attentionisto might be looking for your services. you will be their MarvinBienaime

  2. He’s so sexy and so damn CUTE!!!!!! I love a silly guy…His chest, that back and those LIPS….i’d just lay on his chest and listen to him talk about how his day was and cook my home cooking for him. make him some of myslammin collard greens, macaroni and cheese, turkey wings smothered in gravy, yellow rice and cheddar biscuits and he will never leave *my cooking be slaying these fools* lol

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