Keith Thomas Broke The Foxhole

6a23db_945a075deab84dae8829fe25fcb3f12a~mv2_d_2000_3008_s_2i have never seen so many of the foxholers asking me about ^this wolf.
let me re-introduce keith thomas.
you may remember him from my last entry.


well i learned a few things about keith as i sniffed around…

6a23db_c1bb4c1430a24eaab05697aae083a94a~mv2_d_2000_3008_s_2keith played ball for westchester community college,
which led him to get accepted to play at st johns university.

he got caught up in academic fraud and got cut.
after that,
things went from bad to worse.
he lost his grandfather and broke his hand.
it led him into a depression,
where he thought he would never play ball again.
he ended up with a number of jobs:

catering waiter
a cook at a bar
cashier at staples

after all of that,
he decided to become a model.

just take it:

cnG10PNjust keep it.
well the good news is he has the look to be a model.
the bad news is,
in high fashion which usually pays well,
the height is around 5’11 and 6’2.
he has the weight,
but he is way too tall.
these are his model stats:

height: 6′ 8″
chest: 46″
waist: 36″
shoe: 13 (us)

now that doesn’t mean he can’t model.
it just means he will have to find the right lane.
fitness modelling pays very well.
his background,
and all that working out he does,
would be excellent for sports brands like nike and under armour.
keith should also look into acting as well.
if he likes to be “in front of the camera”,
you got to look at all avenues.
he has a “bad wolf” look to him.
being an attentionisto doesn’t pay the bills.
i would love to sink my teeth into this one with an interview.
it seems like he has a juicy past.
you know i do “interview” well.
let’s talk…

learn more about keith thomas: iamkeiththomas

pictures credited: keith thomas | beeis4brendon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Keith Thomas Broke The Foxhole”

  1. I like the recommendations you gave for him if I’m not mistaken you mentioned in the past that you wanted to have some kind of agency or something with you transform wolves careers. Correct me if I’m wrong but you seem to have a knack for it.

    1. It happens on college campuses more often than you, and sadly it’s even more prevalent with athletes…until they get caught.

  2. Wow Jamari you did some digging LOL! How did you find all this stuff?? And what academic fraud?

    And yeah in his website he says that he’d like to get into fashion modelling.. If only he knew how cut-throat and superficial that world is. There is never one “look” that everyone goes for. As a model you will always run into a client that is not into your “look” and will tell you why you’re not good enough for whatever they’re selling. You could be too skinny, too muscular, too tall, too short, too black, too white etc. Every client goes for different looks. And they’re very upfront and blunt about it.

    No wonder many gorgeous models have low self-esteem and feel like shit. They’re in a world with other very good looking people who they compete with just to make ends meet. But the bracket that you mentioned is pretty accurate. Many models also have to lie about their height in their portfolio’s as well just so they can book a job. But needless to say this guy could use his looks to go somewhere, fashion modelling however is pretty unlikely. The pictures turned out pretty great too.

    1. FYI he was at St John’s but they cut him cos he didn’t get the grades to even get in so his coach helped fix his transcripts to get him in but I guess he didn’t do too well in his classes so they caught on. It was all over the news he got cut his grandfather died way before that he had a criminal background was in and out of prison fighting drugs theft he broke his hand fighting apparently. After my digging he used to moonlight in gay bars and as a male escort/gigalo and there’s videos of him all over the net on gay porn sites so Im sure he is gay/bi like most models damn fine thou

      1. And a lot of the athletes at St. John’s are academically challenged. LOL
        But I’m sure there are a lot of athletes at local/regional schools that fall into this category as well. All they want to do is make it to the major leagues, academics be damned…with very few understanding their chances of that are VERY slim.

  3. Fitness modeling is lucrative source of an income.I hate that those situations came about in his life. Athletes need to know that it’s important to keep grades and positive people around.

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