I Had To Touch Him!!!!! I Just Had To!!!! Oh God!!! (Get Your Hands Off Me!)

embarrassing-fan-cries-1maybe it’s being in the moment?
maybe it’s bat shit crazy?
i don’t understand how one can go to a concert,
get comfortable,
jump a barricade,
and run on stage for their favorite celebrity.
i saw this video on youtube titled:

Celebrities Attacked By Fans On Stage Compilation

and i damn near fell out



you paid all that money to get a boot print on your ass?
some of those crazed stans nearly got beat down on stage.
is it really ever that serious?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Had To Touch Him!!!!! I Just Had To!!!! Oh God!!! (Get Your Hands Off Me!)”

  1. The Beyonce one always gets me. They tried to pull that bitch off the stage and almost got her too 😂😂

    1. I fucking hate that bitch!! He’s the reason why Beyonce got NOWHERE near her fans in the Formation tour! I know stadiums are set up different than areas but chile I am BIG MAD! All that money just to not be able to touch her and a bitch was front row! When I went to see Bey the only people that got close to her were the people in the Beyhive pit, and all they got to do was hold her hand! Meanwhile Julius mean mugging face was following her all around the stage. That crazy fan got Bey SHOOK! And tbh I don’t blame her

      1. lol you aint lying when i wen to see Beyonce at the Formation tour back in June here in Philly Julius was right there close to the stage on standby just waiting for a fool to act stupid. I can see why though people are crazy and unpredictable

  2. This is why, when you blow up, you hire real professionals around you and just give money to your cousin ‘n dem. It makes it less likely that someone makes it onto the stage and far easier to fire EVERYBODY when someone does. A little razor goes a long way on a $100MM face. The whole crew needs to see somebody climbing on the stage and treat them like they just stole the rent money.

    1. YESSSSSS you are right i know with artists like Beyonce you will not make it to the stage. On the formation tour security and police were everywhere….

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