Contact (Mi)


i was actually writing about simone blies,
but what just happened needed an update.
i hope you are sitting.
please sit.
so as i was writing that entry,
when i got a text from a number i never saw before.
it said…

“this is mi’s friend in florida.
she wants to know why you blocked her?
she is trying to get in contact with you because she needs a favor”

so i responded that mi is supposed to be in florida.

“no she is still there in new yawk.
she wants to come to get her stuff.
she also wants to know if she can sleep there tonight?
she is leaving for florida tomorrow,
but she has a doctor’s appointment early and has no where to go.”

nah homie.
so i responded that mi cannot stay here.
she can come get her stuff,
but that’s as far as that goes.

“she said okay,
but you real fucked up…”

so that set me the fuck off.
i proceeded to tell this random how mi fucked up.
it is also real ballsy that she can even assume she could stay here.
and why the fuck is she not in florida?
that’s my biggest question.
so i decided to unblock mi and call her.
i honestly wanted to know what was happening.

mi told me couldn’t leave the city until she saw a doctor.
why she had to see a doctor?
well mi is pregnant and needs to get an abortion before she left.


i know.
i nearly fainted myself.

the crazy part is,
i kept seeing all these clues and signs someone around me was pregnant.
i honestly thought it was ww and his new vixen,
even though he told me he wasn’t ready for a cub.
it was actually mi.
mi was staying with someone,
but they kicked her out or some nonsense.
i definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable letting her stay here.
what was i teaching her?
what was i teaching myself?
i told her go stay at the hospital until her appointment tomorrow.
all of this was looking suspect anyway.
i don’t full trust her.
  i’m glad i put my paw down and deaded that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Contact (Mi)”

  1. I damn near choked on my gum, threw my phone and sipped on some good ole Lipton tea…… did she really just try it with the “need a favor can I stay” type ish and then want to be mad cuz she was blocked. I’m so glad that you dodged that bullet and put your foot down because that could have been nothing but problems. Mi needs an intervention ASAP cuz her life is going down a crazy road. I still wanna know what kind of place you going to in FL that requires you not to be prego?

  2. I knew some ish like this would happen. It was obvious that she was gonna end up trying to contact you again for something, just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I knew she was pregnant as soon as I saw doctor. It’s no surprise from the way you described her sneaking around with that wolf. Normally, I’m not one for abortions and I’m still not saying it’s right but she is definitely not in any position to be pregnant, let alone actually raising a kid. Hell, she wasn’t even able to take care of herself while she was living with you. Funny how you who she said never had her best interest at heart are the one she wants to stay with. Why not with one of the multiple people that she claimed she could’ve been staying with? And how she get kicked out of someone else’s place on her last night in NY? After just a week too? Maybe this will teach her not to burn bridges. SMDH. I’m trying not to judge her b/c we’ve all done stupid things but her actions have defined who she is. She needs to make better choices.

    1. ^aj!
      the whole shit is sad and suspect.
      i can’t let her stay here and continue this cycle of being rescued.
      she got the shock of her life when she saw the outcome tonight.

  3. I don’t get it.

    How can you be out here fucking and you ain’t got no job or no where to stay?!

    I’m an obsessive person and my sex drug doesn’t even work if I have bigger issues going on in my life.

  4. Pregnant? Jamari, she probably got knocked up in yo crib lol. After the way she acted, I do not blame you for telling her to stay at a hospital. I know she is young, but she needs to get her life together fast before she spirals out of control even more.

  5. …so she left YOUR place any kind of way…didn’t clean up her stuff..not a thank you for all you did…walked out as if she was never coming back…never acknowledging her abandoned belongings..and has the nerve to tell someone else (who had no business coming at you like that) some negative stuff about you…Mr. Jamari…thank you for saying no..God knows if you gave another answer we (the virtual foxhole) would have problems…LOL

    1. ^lmao!
      nah i was set on my answer.
      everything you said was the reasons why she wasn’t coming back in my crib again.
      she made her bed and now she has to lie in it.
      the way she treated me was disgusting.
      i wish her the best and will pray for her.
      anything other than that is a luxury she cannot afford.

  6. I wanna get into this Jamari’s life storyline cause this post was too many things and I’m so lost. Which post starts of with the “Mi” storyline so i can go from the beginning? Lol

  7. J, go to bed tonight, knowing that God takes care of baby and fools and clearly she falls into the latter. She has the nerve of the Brass Ass Monkey to ask for her things, tell her to text you her new address and you will ship her things to her and never do, ship that shit right to the trash dumpster. This chick is too much, some people you just got to wish well and keep it moving. Sad that the dude who knocked her up dont even got a place for her to stay. She may want to keep that baby at least until she can get some sympathy dollars to get on her feet. People are less likely to say No to foolishness when you are pregnant and she will be able to more easily qualify for assistance.

  8. Mi aint goin to Florida. She’s trying to find a way back into ur house. DON’T FALL FOR IT. You let her in that door, it will be tears, waterworks, and sob story. DEAD THAT SHIT.

    You are not about to let her stay with u until she has this baby. She can forget that. Fuck that.

    She made her bed. These are the consequences.

  9. The llama gif had me done!! U putting ur foot down was the best thing. U already cleansed ur house of need to let her back in

  10. Wow… I wasn’t expecting this update but on another note that llama gif had me dying out loud for like five minutes because that’s the same face I’d made while reading this. I think she feels going to Florida will solve everything but it won’t if she doesn’t have a plan. I think she should stay in NYC and get things together

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