50 Cent Gets Some Unexpected Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.53.37 PMi haven’t watched “power” since it premiered.
i know.
i know.
i wanted to do a nice weekend binge like i did last season.
well as you know,
they go pretty hard in their sex scenes.
no pun intended.
well 50 cent was the latest to do one,
but his came with some unexpected pipe leakage


here we go…


i actually think he was really jackin off.
as much as you were droolin’,
50 was fumin.
he claims he didn’t know they would show his erect pipe.
he says his aunt was devastated when she saw it via his ig:

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.52.45 PM

(don’t you love the hashtag at the end tho.)
…and then he went into a series of rants,
all directed to the show’s executive producer,
courtney kemp.
bossip managed to snag them for our review:

to which courtney responded:

she said:


well 50 seemed to admit defeat when he deleted then all.
he posted this right after:


i guess they dug right in those plump bunz via text or phone.
he changed his tune real quick.
haven’t we seen his pipe leakage in a movie before?
get rich or die tryin?
or was that someone else?

i swear i have.
either way,
this seems rather “attentionisto” of 50.
you know he loves a spectacle.
giphythat wolf knows how to keep me entertained.

lowkey: i love his bawdy is still meaty “hoodness”.


screencaps credited: bossip

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “50 Cent Gets Some Unexpected Pipe Leakage”

  1. I peeped it lol. When he reached down in his pants, I sat up on the edge of the bed with my glued to the screen. I waiting for him to whip it out.

  2. I completely missed it lol i watched the show but missed the second where his penis was out…my chocolate daddy can still get it… sometimes it’s the motion in the ocean…i had an old head years ago his dick was not big but on a scale from one to 10 he ALWAYS came with his 10 game…he was passionate great performer and etc… sometimes really dicks are just good to look at once you actually try them usually the idiot on the other end thinks because his dick is big he’s automatically good in bed and ends up becoming a lazy fuck… i know he was mad though NO one else has had their penis out on that show…Ghost, Tommy and the Puerto rican guy always just had an shot of their asses and etc…i think 50 did all of this for publicity for the show :-0

  3. I’ve been hearing about his rants all day today so it is OK for the females to show their breasts but we get a millisecond of your penis and you go into an uproar

  4. That wasn’t his penis. It was a prop. Also, the rant he did was just publicity for the show. He sent the tweet about his aunt being upset from watching before the show even aired. Publicity stunt.

    1. I never thought of it being a prosthetic because of all the nudity that takes place in the series already.

  5. I’m not watching because I was told there is no point in watching if I haven’t seen previous seasons .But how TF is his aunt traumatized,doesn’t Power show dicks and other body parts all the time.? All I hear about this show is that they show explicit sex scenes.Also why would he do the scene if he didn’t think it would be shown on-screen?

  6. What a drama Queen, Power is a good name for his show because it was named after him as in Power Bottom. This Butch Queen loves this attention and I do not believe for one minute that is his real penis but a prop, but if it is, he knew exactly what he was doing, this is so staged, how are you one of the executive producers and dont know about final edits and playbacks. These episodes were filmed months ago and he has already watched every episode before it even aired. This big bag of air is full of it. Ironically, I just started watching Season 1 this past Friday night and it is a good show, it will take me a minute to get to this episode being that I dont binge watch shows LoL.

    1. Oh no! Not Power Bottom! LMFAOMSGDKSJN!!!! But yeah it’s obvious that’s a prop. The “dick head” is all turned in a weird position. With all the drama over empire nobody can’t tell she ain’t a stunt queen.

    2. Off topic but why do gay dudes love to shame other gay dudes about bottoming? I noticed it seems to be a huge thing here and it baffles me because you’d never see a guy getting shamed about topping. Like ever. In fact tops are praised. As far as I’m concerned most likely every dude in this community has or will be fucked in the ass at some point in their lifetime if they get to live that long. After all it takes a bottom to have sex anyway, both guys can’t be tops all the time. Somebody’s got to give. Just saying.

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