Keith Thomas Broke The Foxhole

6a23db_945a075deab84dae8829fe25fcb3f12a~mv2_d_2000_3008_s_2i have never seen so many of the foxholers asking me about ^this wolf.
let me re-introduce keith thomas.
you may remember him from my last entry.


well i learned a few things about keith as i sniffed around…
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Keith Thomas: The Big, Tall, and Cocky Gigantic Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.36.38 PMwell hello there…
i’m at “pre drool”.

i always wondered what it would be like to creep with a gigantic wolf.
like muscular and tall.
i’m at “moist” now.

well everyone meet 6’8 and new yawk wolf,
keith thomas.
a foxholer sent me in this care package for review and…
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