No Call; No Show

WORKWOLF1234so i know you were waiting on the entry about the cookout.
the one work wolf invited me to yesterday.
well i was waiting for it too…

well he never called,
carrier pigeoned,
smoke signaled,
or messaged it only in a bottle.

i sent him a text asking if he was still throwing it.
no answer.
nothing today either.
who knows if it happened.
thank god i was hesitant to go or i mighta been real vex.

tumblr_m87k5fRc5p1rq40rci had a dream that he invited liar liar.
since that happened,
he decided not to invite me within the dream.
it set off my entire anxiety.
that came from my “lack based mentality” i was ( x talking about ).

well its whatever.
i believe in common courtesy.
a quick text to let me know what the deal was.
i’m not going to chase him down.
i won’t have an attitude about it either.
if he doesn’t bring it up if we talk,
i won’t bring it up either.
i will simply remember this for next time.
if there ever is a “next time”.
shit like this turns me off from people real quick.

low-key: thanks for all the advice in that last entry about going.
i actually decided i was going to bring mi.

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23 thoughts on “No Call; No Show”

  1. That dirty motherf****. And aint even send a text. But wanna be talmbout all these raggedy bitches he’s limp dicking around town. You know what? I’m through with it. Like Destiny’s Child.

    1. If we could like comments i would like your 10 times over! lmao at “limp dicking”

  2. it was wake up call. Don’t you let this get u down one single bit.

    Keep moving forward.

  3. Save your fucks for things that sustain you. They don’t deserve to back in the glow!

  4. Sadly, this is the kind of Fukk $hit that you have to deal with when you are dealing with Pineapples in this life either gay or str8. Tomorrow when you see him, tell him like this “Oh its kool Bro, I couldnt have come anyway, one of my homies, I had not heard from in a minute hit me up and invited me to a bomb ass cookout, I was glad I got a chance to connect with him again” Tell him you hope he had a good time too, act like you are super geeked about your weekend, and when he wants to hang again, tell him Bro, so sorry, Im hanging with my boy again we catching up on lost time, but I will let you hit you up another time. See this pineapple thinks you have no life and you will put up with anything from him. He is going to put on the charm and be extra nice to get back in your good graces but you got to be strong man and see through the bullshit. This incident told you all you need to know about him, he is not loyal to females or friends, and it sounds like he may live his life thinking its all about him, alot of times attractive people have this entitlement attitude. I wish you could get one of your Wolf buddies to come up to the office and take you to lunch in front of him. It’s time to feed Work Wolf with a long handled spoon once and for all.

  5. That’s too bad I say you get a bottle and you and mi just have a good time at home chilling.

  6. Wtf. Dats wome bullshit. I hate that shit. He prolly didnt answer because he aint thought of a good enough excuse.

  7. I actually thinks he’s DL and he got caught up in the moment when he invited you, then got scared because maybe his family was at his cookout and he didn’t want you there, I have been in a similar situation like this before. I think you still need to talk to him about it tomorrow if he gives you a lame excuse then maybe it’s time to just delete him out of your life.

  8. That was a sign right there man. I know it hurts and I understand that, but you have to clear your mind of this dude.

    1. Im with you Man. I would be cordial to Work Wolf but no more hanging out and stuff. If he needs help picking out an outfit google that shit or pick up a GQ magazine.

  9. I can’t stand when people do it either, but at the same point I understand how people get caught up. Once the liquor and mingling starts to happen, I might forget to text back or think I sent the text when I really didn’t….

  10. Oh my…well that’s pretty rude lol. Not even a text though? I’d rather he make some excuse rather than not say anything at all. Shows how much he cares lol.
    LAME! I woudn’t be impressed one bit. Like if this wasn’t the first time you’re hanging out with him, then maybe it wouldnt be SO bad, even still, he should have bs’ed some excuse, its better than nothing imo, but this is what you would have to look forward to?
    #Byefelicia (@work wolf). Lol.

    1. ^yeah and see…
      naw homie.
      even as a “friend”,
      that’s rude as shit.
      i feel like I want to legit ignore that ass this week.

  11. The same thing happened to me today one of my sisters best friends wanted to host a cookout at my sisters house. I was told that they were going to start cooking around 12, here it is after 5 and her friend still didn’t make it over. I went out earlier to catch a bargain at Payless for some shoes and came back home. It’s humid out so I don’t think I’m going at all if and when they call.

    1. ^oh hell naw malcolm!
      that is just plain rude.
      i wouldn’t even bother to go.
      now if a plate is brought,
      i would still eat it lol

      1. I’m already in my bed lounging I’m not going back out. Hate tardiness of any kind especially when you’re the one who suggested the idea lol

        1. ^and this is how I feel about my situation with work wolf.
          people need to stop being so inconsiderate.
          thank you for the cosign.

  12. maybe it was for the best. maybe u guys will talk tomorrow! i wouldnt trip if i were you!!!

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