Tyson Beckford Responds To Christopher In The Simplest Ways

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.18.04 PMdon’t let all that pretty seasoned meat fool ya.
tyson beckford decided to respond to christopher’s threats on instgram.
if they decide to run up on him this weekend…
well this is a reminder

uhhohWITH the location on tho.
who ain’t scared?
he ain’t!
tyson also put this up on snapchat:

giphyand posted these gems:

tyson did not expect this free promo for his new movie.
funny how pr can come from many sources.

videos credited to tyson beckford | instagram

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20 thoughts on “Tyson Beckford Responds To Christopher In The Simplest Ways”

  1. yes, to respond with the whole gun thing is childish and dangerous. CB may just be talking or maybe not but you never know how someone else ( his crew) will respond to his foolishness and pop off. People are unpredictable these days. hopefully it will blow over.

  2. Tyson is 40 something and shitting on dudes half his age (including Chris Brown) looking like a fine ass Snickers bar! That said, I’m #TeamTyson all the way…

    Didn’t CB barely just end his 5 year probation for beating Rihanna and he’s still trying to act like a fake ass thug? I already know his story is not going to end well. Its sad.

  3. Isn’t Tyson gay? Why would Chris feel threatened by this guy? There is more to this story

    1. Tyson is dating model Shanina Shaik and he has a teenage son with his ex April Roomet.He has dated several models over the years.So Chris has a reason to be threatened based on the women Tyson has dated.His girlfriend looks a lot like Kae.Of course I don’t know what Tyson’s sexual orientation but he is listed after by a lot of women and some men.

      1. I think Creeper is recalling a story told by Karrine Steffans aka Super Head on someone’s(I think Jaimie Fox’s) radio show. She claimed Tyson Beckford fucked Tigger in the ass. It’s kind of hard to believe because she also said she gave Tigger a blowjob even though his asshole was still bleeding from being pounded out by Tyson. I think there were also rumors of Tyson hooking up with Derek Jeter a few years ago.

  4. To be honest I am more afraid of Tyson than Chris because although Chris is bipolar and shit, but Tyson is Jamaican and lord knows Jamaicans are dangerous because they know how to use the gun(obviously), machete is their best friend, and they do voodoo

    1. I always agree with things you say…it’s like you are cultural genius. Yes Jamaican got that strong voodoo. why you think the Haitians don’t fuck with them? and we all know they go from 0-100 very fast. They use anything to attack..gun,machete,knives,stones,bottles..etc

  5. I don’t think he wants any of T.B. Someone is gonna be Breezy like he beat Rhi Rhi–FAKE THUG

  6. Tyson Beckford has no business being this fine at his age lol. He looks like he’s in his 30s Max!

    Chris knows Tyson will probably wear Karreuche out! Haha! Experienced penis will do that!

    He actually blew his last girlfriend up too and kind of helped her become a legit model so he might actually be good for Kae. Lol

  7. My thing is why does it have to be a gang of dudes vs Tyson. Why can’t Chris run up by himself?

    1. Chris and his bodyguard beat up guy in DC.Chris and two guys jumped Frank Ocean and then Frank’s cousin got involved.Chris and his crew got into it with Drake and his crew.The only person he beat up by himself is Rihanna, to my knowledge.

  8. I did say on the first post if they wanna come for Tyson don’t let his cute smile fool them. Jamaicans don’t play …and the thing is Jamaican never say what they gonna do …they just fuck you up and they fuck you up real good too lol.

  9. Damn, they got beef. CB mad af lol. Dudes know they can fight over some pussy lol.

    1. @Man…and the sad part is it all probably stemmed from a pic that didn’t mean a thing!!
      She took a pic with a celebrity! Big fuckin’ deal, Chris!! Get over yourself.

  10. Man, c’mon, Tyson Beckford is fine af and old enough to be Chris’ father, and he’s Jamaican too lol. Chris Brown is a jailbird, thus why is he wasting his breath on the kid?

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