Chris Brown Got 99 Problems and Tyson Beckford Is One!

tumblr_nourtvzsv91rig2vjo3_540well ^this has caused a shit storm today.
one i did not even see coming.
remember ( x yesterday )?
chris brown is PISST.
he is allegedly mad that his ex karrueche is posted up with tyson beckford in vegas.
so mad that him and his goon squad decided to show their disdain online.


ibyRrZ0tUF3FsD-1and then all this shit happened:

3116656727_1_5_puICx1xJ…with karrueche fanning the flames doing this:

11350893_1566082456987394_2113734324_nwhich left me doing this:

disdain-gifcan’t we all just get along?
i’m certainly confused at all of this.
tyson beckford?
a 44-ish model?
what are they gonna do?
flog him and hang him up on the venetian hotel?
you are a father now.
i thought we were stopping all this ratchetness?
if you gonna be getting riled up,
ima need it not to be with the pretty boys and gays.
giphyi just don’t respect it chris.
i don’t!

lowkey: one of my f-bi sent me ( x this ) allegedĀ  from instagram about kid red…


*pictures credit to:

baller alert
the shade room
industry on blast

22 thoughts on “Chris Brown Got 99 Problems and Tyson Beckford Is One!

  1. LOL. Can’t believe that he got a twisted over a picture! His EX, took a picture with a celebrity…how the fuck are you gonna get pissed over that?!! Chris needs to get over himself and seek help. He CLEARLY has anger issues STILL.

  2. Damn, he threatened to take out his legs. Chris has to stop, him and Kae aren’t together anymore.

    Kid red got ass on him, I don’t blame whoever is hitting that lol.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this stupid ass boy (Chris) ends up dead one day…..sad to say.

  4. This is actually breaking news for me Jamari! Thank you!

    I’m busy updating my blog and now this bullshit from Chris who I desperately try to understand but I can no longer enetertain his bullshit at this point.

    I’m putting CB on a permanent time out. He will not be getting any of my attention for awhile…this dude is CRAZY and a danger to himself and anyone around him.

      1. He really is Bipolar!

        One minute he’s playing nice posing w/ his adorabe baby daughter on the red carpet making us believe he’s changed and then next minute BAM…more crazy bullshit!

        He makes it difficult to support him and its frustrating b/c CB is SO talented. Its sad.

      2. You guys don’t ACTUALLY believe the nice “I’m going to be a good father and show her off (daughter) at an award show” nonsense do you though? Its an act.
        It’s classic. In that instance, his daughter was a prop for his image. Not saying he doesn’t love,care, or provide for her, (i’m not saying he does either idk) but nothing has changed.
        Don’t let one appearance fool you. He’s bat shit crazy, and one of the most dense people I have ever seen. What a shame.

  5. So they wanna come for Tyson huh? I don’t think Tyson will even entertain this crock of bull.Tyson is part Jamaican and was raised in Jamaica and Harlem so don’t let Tyson’s cute smile and his model credentials fool anyone …just saying.

  6. Chris is displaying typical abuser dynamics. He cheated and had an entire baby on Karrueche, and now he wants to play “let’s go run up on a nigga”. He has serious issues and needs help.

  7. Those last screenshots though… This is why i avoid all that instagram, twitter and facebook BS. People take it way too serious. I remember years ago – highschool – my home vixen made a facebook and a group of she-jackals at her school threatened to jump her if they see her talking sh*t on her wall. Like what???? Tumblr seems to be the only social network that gets it right: Porn! lol!

    Chris brown needs to respect himself if he wants people to respect his child by not starting such childish beefs. Like past the age of 18 – unless you have to defend yourself – fighting should not be in your vocabulary!

      1. Pirus are based in Compton.Unfortunately I have several cousins in gangs in Inglewood and Watts.One of my father’s sisters lost two sons to gang violence.This is why I have been so pessimistic about Chris turning is life around because of him hanging with Pirus.He has a quick temper,he’s impulsive, he’s bipolar and hanging with gangbanger.
        Lipstick alley has screenshots of the threats he has been tweeting.He tweeted”Be in Vegas soon.Ima f#ck your baby momma and whoop yo child like he mine.”

  8. Like who beefs with Tyson Beckford lol but that’s what kidred gets for trying to be tough now everyone knows he a btm now like we couldn’t already tell they all look like dl dudes in that pic but I hate to see people being bullied all over a pic chris brown is just sad he will meet his match one day

  9. Chris Brown and his clique would fit right in D.C. or Miami right now lmao.

    Chris really thinks he’s bad. He’s only beefed with Drake and Frank Ocean. Hardly anything to brag about. He hasn’t met the right one yet.

    A real player wouldn’t even care what his ex is doing anyway.

      1. When you hang around with gang members(Fruit Town Pirus) you are not doing well.You are playing with Fire.So I won’t be surprised when he is arrested again for assault.

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