Will Style Wolves For Food?

clothing-dope-fashion-men-mens-Favim.com-440552so as you know,
i love to dress.
there was a time i use to look like “wtf?”.
 i wasn’t born fly nah!
after star fox took me under his fashion wing,
i was able to learn how to coordinate a good outfit.
when i started getting the hang of it,
i would send him a picture and he would be blown away.

“aight j.
you not gonna be showing me up out here.

i miss that.
anyway i’m not saying i’m the best that ever did it,
but i get compliments every single day i go to work.
even strangers would sometimes stop me.
i can even look at someone and tell them what they should put on.
some of the mailroom wolves started asking me for fox swagg tips at work.
like this one today…

so i’m walking back from the bathroom and i hear:

“yo jamari hold up!”

when i turned around,
one of the mailroom wolves was walking up to me.

“yo i gotta tell you.
you got some serious swagg man.
i really like how you put shit together.”

before you ask,
completely not interested.
not even my type and even if he was,
i made it a point not to mess with anyone at work.
anyway he goes on to tell me that he is a singer and needs help with his swagg.
take it from me,
he definitely needs help.
i got a few ideas in my head,
but i’m not doing any free work for any local acts.
uh huh.

900x900px-LL-433a5219_nah_o_GIFSoup.com…or maybe i should?
i mean,
i don’t have a booming resume in image consulting.
it is something i would like to offer in my brand.
i would only style wolves,
and foxes.
no vixens.
i told him i’d get back to him about it.
we’ll see.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Will Style Wolves For Food?”

    1. ^im aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiight
      i know my body type and what colors look good on me.
      i also know others as well lol

      i may just do it.
      i need a check tho.

  1. Help the fellow wolf out and take pics of him to show others you can style and coordinate. Maybe you should ask him to take pics of himself if you don’t wanna come off too suspect. Look at it as a challenge. If people compliment him then you’ll know you’re legit.

  2. Men that can dress and make themselves look good in even in casual, thrown together outfits are my weakness! A good outfit can can turn a 5 into a 7.

    I don’t have the gift at all. The older I get, the less I care. Lol I’ll go to target and pick up a bunch of shirts to just throw on for work. Five years ago I’d be ashamed to say that. Haha

    You should do a little freelance work, just to build a little portfolio.

  3. You only style wanna-be entertainers looking to get noticed in the club? Or can you also do a well-paid, middle-aged corporate wolf trying to become a captain of industry? One presumes they are not the same.

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