foXXX: Milan Christopher Gets Some Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.09.47 PMso attentionisto,
milan christopher,
(gordy on some days)

has gotten himself a job.
i think…
he is oil and greased up nekkid for a new cologne ad.
(this is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”)…


tumblr_n835s5SxcI1qcqqpjo2_250nice pipe…
i guess he realized that music career was not happening.
so what fragrance company allows you to be naked like that?
tom ford did it better tho.

6a0147e2415642970b015432673bf6970c-800wiso our milan got front

…and back.
well excuse me.
i guess some people get all the luck.

lowkey: he always gives me heavy “gold digger” vibes.
am i wrong for thinking this?

video courtesy: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “foXXX: Milan Christopher Gets Some Pipe Leakage”

  1. Well, I sent you that pic on a posting on Wyatt of the Have and Have Nots just before this posting. Again, I say good for him. And I will add that not only does Milan Christopher have a handsome face and body but that his private parts are attractive. Yes, he has a nice looking dick and scrotum (balls) and not many people can say that. I’ve seen a lot of dicks and balls and for most/many guys, nice looking are not a words that come to mind. Wyatt of the Have and Have Nots cannot say that. Milan Christopher’s body, ass, dick and balls are so attractive that he should consider walking around nude all the time–and his dick is not small. Putting clothes on just detracts from his beauty.

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Milan Christopher’s got it. No shame in his game. Good for him. And the picture/pose is tastefully done. Milan Christopher is a Facebook friend of mine. Congratulations. Job well done!

    1. You sound like a delusional fan. I trust you never met him in person. He trumps all the attention whores ever mentioned on this blog. I don’t see it for him as a singer but he is a great GO-GO dancer. With his body and personality….I really think he should consider doing porn.

      1. He in here gassing up this MESSY ASS STUNT QUEEN but stay on this site in other comments telling people who they should be attracted to.

  2. He is so fine but he always comes off as the stereotypical gay man. Meh. Maybe there’s more to him but I wouldn’t know, he always seems attention seeking.

  3. It’s nice to see what bottoming for older white men and getting peed on in other countries will do for your career! Ask him about the black producers he has fucked to get put on? Remember that sex tape leak? Wasn’t an accident by the mess that is Milan Christopher. Oh and anybody you see hanging with him is pretty much gay as well. *Teagan Rose* I’m speaking to you!

      1. Baby where you been? If you mention his name in LA, all the tea will flow. He is a stunt queen who is desperately trying to be a singer. They clowned him so bad on worldstar when he sent in his videos. Now he escorts and tries to use his ass as a bargaining tool. He has fucked a lot of well to do people and celebrities but I’ll make my exit on that one.

    1. LOL!!!! I see no lies in this comment. Anyone who was/is a part of the scene has clocked his tea. His family wealthy so I don’t understand why he crafts and escort. But that’s none of my buisness *kermit voice*

    2. I just went over to Teagan’s instagram page. Dude got me feeling some type of way Lurker. He’s bad and he seems cool. What is the scoop on him? He’s not like Milan is he?

    3. Damn Lurker you put it out there LOL, but the sad part is that one of my homies in LA pretty much told me the same exact story, but in LA everybody is using some body part to their advantage. I visit all the time and the land of fake ass people is an understatement. A lot of these pretty boy actors and models are broke as hell and they will do just about anything from porn, escorting etc just to live in this fantasy land and front like they are doing big things. Even my homie who has been living there for a couple of years has changed from when he lived here, the things he has participated in and seen since living there is mind blowing. The sad part, Milan does not have a good rep in LA at all.

  4. nice body as always i knew he was packing from awhile back when he had on bikini briefs during one of his auditions with commercial ad that he had on his channel then when he did that chocolate whatever little series he had when was supposed to be a dancer…nice looking guy, beautiful complexion but i feel with his features and etc he should become a top of the line model none of this sex stuff but like on a tyson beckford type level…fashion designers love fine dark chocolate brothas, and so does the world…cool for him but he’s not my type…SN: Wyatt can get it though lol

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