…And Then There Was CJ


well everyone meet cj

“hi cj…

i was feeling a little…

cj looks all “big and skrongs” tho.
we need to see more cj for 2014.
what do you think?

fotos courtesy: foto119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “…And Then There Was CJ”

  1. i needed to see this fine man this morning after having a catfish situation last night, where i met someone in person who i was talking to online for about two months…and they were NOTHING like their profile said…we talked for about fifteen minutes then they went home smh…WORST experience EVER!!! but somehow i couldn’t stop laughing last night that was my sign from GOD..no more blind dates lol

      1. Thanks Man ;-0 the guy wasn’t ugly he just wasn’t what his profile said and he knew i was disappointed in the look of my face i just wanted to scream him “you should have told me the truth i still would have talked you as friends but here i was expecting to see a 6’3 225lb brotha…..but the only part he had correct was his height…see i’m a big guy but everything in my profile is real, my pics,my stats everything,and i always get hit on by muscular guys or slim/toned guys on those sites due to my ass pics and etc but this time this guy was BIGGER than me and he was breathing hard in the car while we were talking…turned off but im currently visiting my mom down south i’ll be heading back to Philly in August and i can’t wait because an old friend of mine wants to start a relationship when i come back so I’m #EXCITED and over the catfish

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