So, Uh, That “Haves and Have Nots” Season Premiere

hhn2-castso i know you have been waiting on it.
i have been waiting on it myself.
because i was without my laptop after monday,
i couldn’t give a review the season premiere of “haves and have nots”.
well better late than never…

my benny:
tumblr_nc2qvhvu671sv6hobo1_1280…did ya’ll see his big arms?
and his face?
and his whole fine wolf aura?
i was hungry and his meat was on special.
so something bothered me while watching the season premiere.
didn’t the show stop with amanda shooting someone?
why did they not start the episode with who got shot?
i mean,
i’m just asking to see if i was the only one thinking the same.

candace and jim is getting boring.
i also feel like candace is losing her spark.
she use to be so likable.
now she is sloppy and acting crazy.
tumblr_n0ah53U3aa1qhkvy5o2_500personally this “you kidnap me so i’ll kidnap you” crap is pointless.
they should have hooked her up with another senator to drive jim crazy.
maybe even go as far as put a ring on it.
have jim cheating on kathryn and candice cheating on her wolf.
a perfect world.
this is getting like the pointless back and forth of olivia/jake/and fitz.

now david knows how crazy “chicago ronni” is.
that is why he couldn’t bang that snow bunny senseless.
he kept thinking about that gramoxone mixed in with in his smoothie.
i really think jim is the perfect wolf tho.
even tho i’m sure his pipe was hard kissing on her,
he didn’t insert said pipe into warm orifice.
go jim!
i need a wolf like that in my life.
not one who beats random guts up and then lays there like drake afterward.

BiyNUi9…but how gangsta is “chicago ronni”?
first of all,
if i was her,
i’d clean up quincy and get a helpin’ of that thug “d”.

Medina1she know she want that pipe.
you don’t have to lie to kick it.
she told q she was gonna kill his whole family tho.
i have a soft spot for her ratchet ass.


tumblr_nhv1hofses1th5r1ho1_r1_500…need i say more?

all in all,
the season premiere was good.
i felt it dragged a little.
it was almost like they were filling in time with random chitter chatter.
i’ll stay tuned tho.
i enjoy watching it with twitter,
but ima need tyler perry to get some character development going on.
i feel we are watching a slo-mo train wreck at this point.

lowkey: the show got ( x the highest ratings ) of the night.
with its flaws,
it’s still a hit!

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15 thoughts on “So, Uh, That “Haves and Have Nots” Season Premiere

  1. The premiere was funny. I mean Candace and this crazy act? Girl bye. And her goon squad is wack. Is that Tyler’s idea of a thug? What in the 90s Juice hell? Oh!! And Hannah! How you all bible thumping, “shi comin in a honda” speaking in tongues last season? To sipping on bud lights the next? Tyler needs to hire Mara Brock Akil to write. The Game is over so she’s free.

  2. I’m just really, really hoping that we can get more semi-nude shots from Gavin Houston (Jeffrey) and crew. Like the episode where we got a side view of him stepping out of the shower.

    That’s honestly the extent of my interest in the show. It’s doing A LOT of middling around.

  3. The pace definitely needs to pick up. Why not continue where it left off??? Candace needs to return to form. She has certainly fallen off. Now I love me some Benny, but Wyatt was looking real good last night. Like damn! Can I have scoop of chocolate (Benny) and vanilla (Wyatt) please?

    1. The premiere was OK
      J, did you check out Empire last night?
      I will defintely be DVRing it just for my girl Taraji.

      1. I hope he posta about that as well! I enjoyed it…with the exception of Terence Howard. He’s a boring actor to me, and he seems to play the same role all the time. He breathes NO LIFE into his characters! LOL

  4. Yea, I’m getting a lil fed up with the slow ass story lines. You cannot move at soap opera pace with a show that only comes on once a week. Shit is just so dragged out. Jim has been running for governor since season 1. It appears as if three weeks of the characters lives make up a whole season.

    Glad the ratings were good tho. I will still watch, but I’m getting a lil restless.

      1. I just read an article about the high ratings of the show.
        I’m happy for them.

        It’s been giving OWN it’s life since the premiere in 2013. Hard to believe this show has been on for nearly 2 years and NOTHING has been resolved from season 1.

        But like you, I still enjoy the campiness of HAHN. Although I’m kind of different from others b/c I watch this show for comedy. I make fun of the dialogue, plot, and lazy acting every week and it’s quite fun in that lens. Side note: Benny did an interview stating he was discovered in a gym doing personal trainer work. He’d only been in LA for a few months before landing the Tyler Perry gig. That context helped me understand why his acting is so terrible… He’s not an actor lol

      2. He was referred to Tyler by a ‘casting agent’ he met in a gym.
        He arrived in LA as a personal trainer and a few months later he was auditiong for Tyler Perry. I would assume that happens a lot in Hollywood even at the A List level. Especially for attractive men whose primary appeal is being eye candy for a largely female audience (like Wyatt, Benny or every other male lead in a TP production.)

    1. Agreed. Opening scene with the outdoor party did nothing to move the story. I should’ve been invested in elsewhere.

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