So, Uh, That “Empire” Series Premiere

empire_keyart_tunein…so you know this story already,
father of three owns a successful record company.
the oldest works by his side,
the middle one is gay,
and the youngest wants to rap and follows “attentionisto” ways.
the mother?
well she is in jail for seventeen years because of the father.
she recently for released and is coming for her cake.
sounds familiar?
well if yes: please skype me into your next family gathering.
if no: you are in luck.
you can watch it every wednesday night at 9pm on fox.
that is the day and time of the new show “empire”,
the much talked about and promoted drama by lee daniels.
i mean when you have a movie screening for the show,
that’s a pretty big deal.
it stars terrence howard and taraji p henson.
my thoughts (with spoilers)…

first of all i loved it.
at first i thought it was going to be a reboot of “hustle and flow”.
i also thought it was “glee with black people”.
i was a lil’ scared,
but it’s definitely no way associated with any of that.

taraji is definitely the star of “empire”.
tumblr_nhvxbk7peK1qlwkdio1_250 tumblr_nhvxbk7peK1qlwkdio2_250terrence is always the same character every time i see him.
so i’m not as impressed with him,
but he did a good job with his character.
my fav things:

– terrence press and curl
– taraji beatin that boy with the broom
– the flashback with the gay son in the kitten heels
– precious and the storm wig

the snow bunny was trying to set up older brother family<<<<
surprise surprise.
i wonder what pills she is feeding him?
i’m calling viagra!
now is the gay brother suppose to be “frank ocean”?
he was giving me that vibe,
although his music was “20/20 experience”.

tumblr_ngwxomkSXO1qk7bkio4_r1_400i’ll be honest and say i was a little confused at first.
i do that sometimes.
my fox fur has blonde roots.
it would go into a flashback without letting us know.
it was minor shit,
but the drama made up for any flaws the show had.

they pulled no punches with this show.
they even dropped the “f” bomb.
i‘ll be tuning in every week,
although i may binge watch since i appreciate that more.
so i have to ask you foxhole…

“Empire”: Staying Tuned or Tuning Out?

lowkey: i still think 50’s “power” on starz is a little better,
but we will see what empire has to deliver.
oh and empire’s ratings that night: 9.8 million people.
the highest rated new show in years.

watch the first episode of “empire”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “So, Uh, That “Empire” Series Premiere”

      1. He played Magnus, the lead character in “The Skinny.”

        Taraji Penda, dropping her zingers (my fav,”You didn’t tell me you was dating a little Mexican! Look at her, she’s adorable!”), had me hollering every other scene. Her shine is definitely the driving force behind this scorcher. Love it.

  1. Not gonna lie. When I first saw previews for this I thought it was Power. I was hella confused when it kept saying watch the premiere. I was thinking to myself “WTF are they talking about premiere? This show has been out for a while.” I quickly realized it was a different show when I didn’t see Omari Hardwick nor Naturi Naughton in the commercial. I googled it to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. I don’t know if I’m gonna watch.

  2. I was going to watch this but I fell asleep thanks for this review I’ve giv e a it a shot tomorrow, I love ms taraji

  3. Very entertaining show, practical premise though, but hopefully the star power of Taraji and I guess Terrance will sustain it.

  4. The first show was great. Very entertaining. I too wondered what those pills the oldest is taking. I’m not sure the one liners and flash are going to be enough to hold a national audience for a long time. Looks like a one season show unless they develop more depth. I’ll be watching as long as it is on.

  5. I missed the premiere but have Netflix so plan to catch up with it this week. The next day at work everybody was raving about it — white, black, hispanic and Asian. so it must be good. I heard Taraji Henson tore it da fuck up and makes it worth watch. I notice Jamari said the same thing in his critique.

      1. As you mentioned, Taraji was the star of the show. Terence was just there. I don’t care for his acting, because he doens’t make you believe in his character, and he plays the same character all of the time! Even when he TRIES to do different characters, he still brings bland passion to the role. The best thing they can do with his character is kill him or send HIM to jail! LOL
        As for the sons, the youngest needed that ass beat!! How are you gonna call your mom a bitch and THINK you’ll get away with it?! Maybe a white kid can do it (saw it happen in Toys R US)…but that shyt ain’t happenin’ with a black family! LOL
        The oldest son, with the white wifey…he’s bipolar or something. I’m calling it now.
        The gay son…that kat has talent. I was pissed when the younger son told Terence’s character that the brother helped him, and he told him YOU did it, no one else did. That was foul as fuck. WHY would you try to turn your kids against one another instead of trying to ensure they stick together?! That irked me to no end…and I know it’s to cause drama and that it’s a TV show. LOL

    1. I’ve been waiting for this. The show was great, better than advertised. I really appreciated the gay character and storyline even though I was kinda mad he wasn’t dating another brother or more masculine character. I love my fem boys, but it seems like masculine gay men have very little coverage in media! I will be tuning in each and every week. SN: TV is so much better with Twitter Lol

  6. The gay brother does give me a Frank Ocean vibe.In that he prefers playing his piano and writing and producing.He doesn’t want to release album and isn’t excited about touring.He wants to be a writer not a performer.He doesn’t crave the attention and the fame like his younger brother.

    I just learned today that Jussie Smolette(Jamal) father Joel died Wednesday.The same day of the premiere of Empire. His sister posted the news on her IG or FB. So he is dealing with joy of the show premiere and the pain of loosing his dad.

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