WHO GOT SHOT? (No Seriously Tyler… Who Died?)

the-haves-and-the-have-nots_1_30_640x480_5398405447e251so this is the second episode of the haves and have nots and…
no word YET on who got shot.
i guess he won’t reveal it until the season finale then?
so my thoughts on tonight’s episode

that episode dragged something disrespectful.
i don’t know why tyler has to put so much dialogue for 15 minutes.
most of it was either filler talk or completely irrelevant.

– they showed a scene with wyatt going through jim’s phone.
didn’t they already show that scene in the season premiere?

candace and jeffrey are friends.
we get it.
i felt they were just rambling in their scene.
that whole scene could have been scrapped completely.
better yet kill all that talk about jeffrey and his sexuality.
he’s gay.
we get it.
now lets try another topic.

chicago ronni ordering staff to get into that room,
like i get it,
but that scene could have been trimmed down.
i felt like it was unrealistic or something.

the only things i enjoyed was:

tumblr_nb04qpRXvy1sv6hobo1_1280…and those indignant arms of his.
i thank god tyler has allowed him to only film in a wife beater.
my filthy ratchet mind thanks him.
oh and:

tumblr_nelcka4lQH1telz2no3_250“you don’t listen hoe!”
you just don’t listen!” – chicago ronni,
as she commenced to ass kickin’.

the show is moving along at a snail’s pace.
i don’t know if anyone else feels the same.
i’m still interested,
but i find myself waiting for the next scene.
its really going on like a soap opera.
you can’t do a soap opera every week tyler.
you just can’t.

lowkey: no seriously…
when we gonna find out who got shot?
this is out of control.

foxhole: any thoughts?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “WHO GOT SHOT? (No Seriously Tyler… Who Died?)”

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. The only good part about tonight’s episode was when Veronica slapped tf outta Barbie. I had to rewind it like 3 times lol.

    1. ^tyler is going to lose people with this show.
      it seems like the actors are heavy on the live tweeting as they once were.
      i was truly “eh” on this season and last.

      1. After the last week’s episode, he officially lost me cause, I refuse to watch again unless the quality of his scenes improve and please reveal something that havent already been seen or known. It like he’s writing these scenes to be performed in molasses during the winter. But I will keep up through your blog and my friend girl to let me if something worthwhile happens like Benny being half-naked or Jeffrey finally releases his inner homosexuality. Jamari, thanks for the update.

  2. Chicago ronni? LMAO
    Like I said last week the show is just OK.I wish Tyler would get a staff of writers.Maybe since he is a daddy now he will start getting help with the scripts.
    J, did you hear YOUR girl Kenya Moore threw shade on Lupita? Apparently Kenya is upset Lupita wouldn’t take a pic with her at Golden Globes after party.
    ” Do you know who I am” HaHaHa

    1. I’m sick of Kenyas antics…Lupita is an A list movie star and Kenya is a D list reality star and Former Miss USA 1979. I wouldn’t take a picture with her ass either smh

  3. I didn’t watch the show yet, but now I know what to expect. But the truth is I only watch it because of Benny and Candace plus I wanna know who got shot

  4. This show is so bad it’s…..well….bad. Candace and Jeffery’s ki ki? Ok. Stop that. But when Benny shows up to the door and Jeffery thinks it’s the “man” Candace sent? They better get to the nekkidness. Benny trade anyway. Wyatt..bye. Candace..bye. Hannah and this blackpeoplemeet attraction? Bye

  5. Well I’m expecting Tyler to really piss me off next week if judging by next week’s preview… Candace JOKINGLY tells Jeffrey she is going to send him an escort b/c he needs to get laid by a dude. Candace’s brother Benny decides to pay his sister a visit and asked his mother if she is living w/ ‘a gay guy’. The episdoe next week indicates that Jeffrey will mistakenly assume Benny is the ‘escort’ for him sent by Candace. But you all know damn well that doesn’t make any sense b/c Jeffery would be aware of Candice’s brother at this point. They may not have met, but he should at least have seen a picture or heard about him after the accident. But I’m guessing Benny is going to show up looking for Candice and Jeffrey will flirt w/ him and Benny attacks Jeffrey. I seriously hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. Tyler is notoriously for homophobic in his films/storylines. This show is a trainwreck smh

  6. Yea..this is moving too damn slow. I’ll just leave it at that.

    S/N: Can we talk about David’s body tho? I felt like it was my birthday.

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