super caked up, von miller, might also be a super mess too

do straight males know where babies come from?
do they understand that because of not wearing a condom,
and having raw sex with a weak pull-out game,
it will sperm-inate an egg?
not only that,
a lot of males don’t ever know when vixens are ovulating and slide up in their coochie’s raw.
nfl baller wolf/might be jackal,
von miller,
clearly needs to be educated.
he got blasted by his ex,
megan denise and…


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…how insane is this?
not “i pray for a miscarriage“.
big booty von is a mess out here:


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he is super caked up.
it’s the alleged texts she posted for me tho:

but then gonna turn around and text this:

i have a question tho.
if males show these kinds of red flags while in a relationship or break up

WHY TF would you ever want to have kids with someone like that?

do they even live together?
vixens kill me with that shit.
they always get this baby fever and have a baby with the wrong one.
if he is a mess as a boyfriend,
why do they think he would be different as a baby faavah?
some vixens deal with this and don’t have the luxury of getting the nfl child support check.

9 thoughts on “super caked up, von miller, might also be a super mess too

  1. I’m continually baffled by how straight men think raw sex is never going to produce a baby like if you not doing anal there is a large chance of a baby.

    I did find myself attracted to him after seeing the sports nude edition of him & again the mystery soon as its over ruins any attraction.

  2. These days you have to be skeptical about these selectively shared screenshots that make HER look good and HIM look bad. These chicks know these guys don’t want them to get pregnant and they will poke holes in condoms, lie about being on the pill, or even wait until the man is in a genuinely vulnerable moment, then entice him into sex, knowing that you can get him to fuck raw.

    1. this is on both of them. they grown ass folks that KNEW what they were doing/getting themselves into.

  3. 🥱 So tired of this same ole story, she know she wanted to get pregnant by a baller & he knows if he just wanted to fuck & leave then he shoulda wore a condom 🙄 Women can be real idiots, cause when a man talks to you like that & then hits u up for sex with no Genuine apology….you should know where you stand, and Men are idiots for being so weak to their loins that they slid up in a women with no condom & then wonder how she got pregnant

    1. IKR!! All that back and forth and then he talk about he wanna have some make up sex!!
      Shows you how stupid he really is! THAT head got him in the predicament he is currently in!
      These athletes/entertainers are some dumb ass mofos.

      Part of me thinks that he was trying to get her over there to do something to her though!

  4. Not you blaming & criticizing the vixen Jamari 🙄 Just cause Von has a slightly big booty doesn’t mean he should be exempt from criticism.

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