Lil Mo Husband Has An Alleged Fetish His Side Hoe Didn’t Like?

1335919798_IMG_3126the joy of meeting a new wolf.
one who happens to be a baller wolf.
well one after you left your old one because of alleged cheating.
after you and him had a threesome
and he was allegedly getting close to the third party…
just had to put that out there.
so lil’ mo,
singer and cast member of “r&b divas: la”,
started dating a boxer wolf by the name of karl dargan.
they are also planning on getting married.
so soon?
well she might have to rethink it after this.
so an f-bi sent me a story of karl getting blasted by a female jackal.
she blasted him,
and get because why…
she didn’t like an alleged fetish he wanted her to try…

so this is what the female jackal said:

First off this is my first time exposing a “baller” well not really a “baller” more like a “fighter” not so much of that neither more like “amateur fighter” with his 15-0 record at that LOL his name is “Karl Sharif Dargan” yeah I know that name probably don’t ring a bell I haven’t heard of him either until he followed me (Foxxy_Chiche) first on his twitter account (DynamiteKO) and I followed him back because I saw his twitter account was verified so I knew he had to be someone famous. Well of course as soon as he saw me follow back he hopped in my DM’s, well come to find out he is LIL MO (THELILMOSHOW) husband at first I was going keep it to myself until he texted me some off the wall GAY shit that I wasn’t cool with he asked me if I mind letting a “a guy to watch us while he masterbates he gotta have a big dick tho” Those were the exact words he texted my phone and said (I’ll screen shot you the messages in a separate email because I have to send it through my phone) That nasty shit just made me throw up in my mouth all over again just even thinking about it… WHY would a heterosexual man want another man to masterbate and watch him have sex??????? IF that does not READ GAY I don’t know what will. ANYWAYS, I’m reporting this story to you so people can not only see these niggas not loyal but they’re also DOWN LOW in the closet men that NEEDS to be EXPOSED !!!!!!!

lets see the evidence compliments of the shade room:





isn’t the side chick’s job to fulfill any sexual desires?
no matter how nasty they are,
your job as “the whore” is to do what the “wife” won’t?
if he wants you to fuck a goat,
then you might just be fuckin’ that goat.
there is more to this story.
i can smell it.

story found: the shade room

17 thoughts on “Lil Mo Husband Has An Alleged Fetish His Side Hoe Didn’t Like?

  1. These morally corrupt females think being the side chick is something to be proud of. Bad parenting can cause it, but also any female who thinks being a slore is something good is surely uneducated and lacks any type of class.

  2. All the suspect shit aside, he’s a nice looking dude.

    Anyone notice good looking dudes always go for ratchet chicks or chicks far below their level of attractiveness.

    I think it’s a power thing. Really attractive dudes know if they get with a really attractive chick they won’t have the upperhand.

    A woman on his same level of attractiveness isn’t going to do ratchet, freaky shit in his hoopty and let him record it and put it on WSHH like Lil Mo will lol

  3. Very suspect!

    There are some DL men that have no desire to penetrate or be penetrated. They get off purely by masturbating with each other. No heterosexual man cares about another man’s piece.

    I’ve always thought there was something homoerotic about running trains on females. I’ve never had the desire to share a female with another dude, even close homies.

    I mean it’s one thing to be getting some good head while your homie is hitting her from the back, but if you’re ALWAYS running trains on ugly girls and filming your homeboys and you got a better view of your homies ass than the girl getting piped? Well…

    1. Yea, and some even will give head to another man, and that is the furthest they are willing to go. He said dude has to be hung as if that was some fantasy of his. He probably is bi. I wish I had a woman who’d be cool with me having a dude to love on a few times a week. That would be the life.

  4. He can do way better than Lil Mo’s Bozo the clown looking self. His lips tho. Make me wanna be the one to…

  5. He is def. suspect to me. Why you care about dude’s dick tho? I can’t lie, he’s sexy as hell. I’d pull on those braids.

  6. SN: he’s sexy too with those lips…lol shit i’m like a vault i keep secrets forever if this was me no one would know about him

  7. Isn’t that what straight men do everyday? Jack off to people having sex? Isn’t that what the porn industry is based on? And aren’t a lot of the black straight male porn actors well endowed? So that would make everyone who watches Lexington Steele, Mandingo, Rico Strong, Brian Pumper….gay?

    1. exactly well said im so tired of these THOTS and/or QUEENS that try to expose people..he’s not even that big of a celeb besides being associated with lil mo this will disappear quickly

    2. and not to mention i know countless str8 men who run trains on females that stand in the room watching their homies have sex butt ass naked waiting their turn and etc

    3. He said he wanted a man with a big dick to watch him bang a broad. That does make him suspect. Why dude gotta be hung tho? Straight men don’t watch porn for the male performer. It is about the female. When I watch porn, whether straight or gay, I’m not checking out dude’s pipe. I focus on the one getting fucked.

  8. “he gotta have a big dick tho” …….


    can i watch? …………

    thots usually get paid.
    lemme just say this, if u getting a pretty coin, why u snitchin???



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