So You Use To Smash “Who”? (Well Lets Hope For A Sex tape)

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.20.17 PMthey say everyone in the world will experience their 15 minutes of fame.
one way or another,
we all will have our time in the spotlight.
personally i hope mine lasts over 24 hours.
the foxhole alone is a good 10 to 15 tops.
so when an f-bi sent me a video of an attentioniso wolf today,
one who use to smash to ( x deelishis from “flava of love” ),
i knew there maybe some truth to the new “stardom”

everyone meet stevie kush:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.24.33 PM…a 22 year old wolf from philly.
he is also an aspiring rapper of some sort.
this is what he had to say aboutĀ deelishis @6:20:

who knew a reality star from many moons ago still had so much weight.
lets get to the important part of this situation:

…much better.
if i had a uterus,
i’d check to see if he could fit inside like a glove.
i mean he isn’t ugly.
ya know tho…
we just care about him getting half naked.
maybe him rockin’ a mic.
heavy on that maybe.
thanks for the info tho stevie!
we can add that to your file of “irrelevant info to help your rap career”.
on lighter news,
at least this one isn’t selling herbalife.


lowkey: she said he looks like ” a strong version of drake”?
i don’t see that at all.
i would have been seeing “late night penis”.

follow stevie kush and whatever d list reality star he smashes next: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “So You Use To Smash “Who”? (Well Lets Hope For A Sex tape)”

  1. Ok. Nice body…but not really feelin’ the face. On his IG page, his “brother” is cuter to me.

  2. To think, everyone thought Deelishis was the grounded one compared to New York and Hoopz back when Flavor of Love was on. Lol

    Even regular hoes stick to an age range similar to their own or older. This bitch Deelishis trolling high schools looking for pipe. Can she let their nuts drop and their voices change first? Damn lol

  3. Really? This bitch smashing boys that just got permission to drink legally. Okay. šŸ™

    He’s cute but not all the time. Stick to the right angles.

    I’d much rather have him over Drake.

  4. Not really my type of dude. He’s cute tho.

    Yea, Deelishis still carries a lot of weight. All of it is in that ass. I don’t see the appeal anymore tho. As I was growing up watching Flavor of Love, I saw the appeal, but she is old enough to be my mother lol. When father time catches up with her, she might not be able to handle it. Her days are numbered man.

  5. He doesn’t do it for meā€¦.he seemsā€¦ā€¦simpleā€¦..yeaā€¦..simple

  6. He’s so fucking cute. I hope that’s not that type of cute that peeks at 26 then slowly starts to fade…

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