tumblr_lp8bqu6FeO1qzu681so as you know,
or didn’t know,
i am writing a book.
i decided it would only be right to update everyone as i go on about this journey.
plus it will keep me focused on completing it.
this will be the first

so i started jotting some ideas down in evernote last week at work.
i wrote a first chapter,
but i decided to scrap it for another idea that came to me in a dream.
yes a dream.
it’s going to be a story that i’m sure you all will love.
the biggest issue was getting out of my head.
i was so terrified to fail that i was trapped.
it made me stagnant,
but it also kept me with ideas.
i also want more than to be stuck at some job.
chained to a desk and being someone’s slave.
no good.
i want this book to be perfect.
well nothing is ever completely perfect.
i know for my first book,
it better be damn near!

sebastian-hmphan issue i’m having is a name for the character.
i want something really good.
this book is going going to be a series.
so i want this character and his life to expand as i go.
i’ll be looking into a few names before choosing one.
first and last name.
we will see how it goes…

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “A NOVEL IDEA: (1)”

  1. Give him a White name that is given to a lot of Black males like Marcus Davenport or Andre Thomas. Please don’t give your character a weird name. I was reading a black authored book and the main character’s name was “Blades.” Not even “Blade” like Wesley Snipes Vampire Killer “Blade.” Just “Blades.” WTF!?

  2. writing releases stress and is a great tool to grow i started a book in 2010 called the family affair that i recently picked back up and started working on again…i aim to get it published no later then spring of next year just for my own purposes….i’ve been a lover of writing since i was a child, it became my escape from the poverty and circumstances that were so common for me in philly…wishing you the best knock em dead

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