Let’s Date Naked

tumblr_n8ust9X6JJ1qzt4a5o1_1280i watched this show “dating naked” on vh1 the other night…
completely blown away.
not in the good way tho.
is this a sign that reality tv is coming to an end?
we got people naked running around in the jungle now.
doesn’t that just enhance the urge to fuck on the first night?
thank god i love a good scripted drama.

lowkey: at 2am,
is that when they showed full cheeks?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Date Naked”

  1. There is no way I’d date naked. Can’t do it. I’d feel so exposed being outside of my house with no clothes.

  2. Like we can’t see those micro penises and flabby ass bag in the wind titties.

    What some people do for a little fame. 🙁

    They should make a show called “Fuck on the first date.” That’s pretty much what America has come to.

  3. In the Netherlands we have the same show but it called Adam & Eva (adam & eve) and it was a huge thing and you know everybody watched it..and nothing got blurred and there will even be a second season.

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