Justin St Paul Made Me “Drool” Today

do i need to move?
why does it seem like the wolves from across the pond are sexier af?
it might be the accent?
everyone meet justin st paul.
he is a work out warrior wolf who resides in london.
so i put up this video on the ( x ig foxhole ) today….
it made me drool instantly:

well a foxholer sent me more of justin for foxhole review

i mean…

i just…

…and this is what his transformation looking like:

you know i love a wolf who is massive.
i’ll allow justin…

…and all this drool cumming out my mouth.

lowkey: he was quoted as saying…

“It’s hard to find a shirt when you’re a big-chested boy like me.”

…and that is a-okay.
“shirtless” is always a (better) option with bawdy like that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Justin St Paul Made Me “Drool” Today”

  1. Men in the UK generally are very white-washed.. Don’t get too excited

    many people from overseas believe that America has more attractive people too since there is a bigger population and every country that you can think of has a community somewhere in the US. I understand what you mean but I think that’s just a “grass is greener elsewhere” mentality when really it’s all just in our heads

    1. Hell, they must be doing SOMETHING right. They gettin’ all the roles on televison, movies, and airplay for music! LOL
      I get what you’re saying, but they do have some good looking dudes over there. Although many aspire to come to the U.S. and make a life, many are happy where they are. I used to have a close friend that was from the U.K. He was a good-looking dude, and I used to love to hear him talk. Unfortunately, he was here illegally and got deported when he cheated on his baby mama with multiple chicks…and she called the cops on him. LMAO

  2. Damn, I just love these muscular dudes, especially in bed when they lay stomach down and squeeze their asses laying in sexy posture, man oh man. Makes me think about the guy I had last week for 5hr. Incredible!!

  3. He is hot and those pecs and Nips are lickable. Don’t be too disappointed Jamari. You live in NYC, where guys that look like him are in a gym in every damn borough. I remember I thought I died and gone to heaven when I wen’t to a gym in Washington Heights a few years ago. My goodness, you New Yorker’s are spoiled for choice lol! Toronto, not as much. Gotta reeeeallly look to find those up here.

    1. Preach. There are SOME fine guys up here, but pickins are slim, and they’re usually not worth the pick anyways. :/

  4. Ummmm…….noooo. I mean he cute or whatever! But the Ivory Coast dude is hubby all day! Yes I just married him! Thank you Jamari! I’m off the market (Melanin Wolves From The Ivory Coast Are Really Intense).

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